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Sewing Envy Decreased

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Awhile back I made a post about having sewing envy and my desire to learn to sew.  Just recently I made a post about “Sewing Boot Camp” and how I wanted to make this shirt for my first project.

“Boot Camp” started on Wednesday.  We began the day by trying to figure out my hand me down sewing machine.  It turned out that we needed a different sewing needle.  Apparently my husband who also uses the machine likes to sew with a really large needle!  Dacia braved the pouring rain and headed to the store for supplies while I stayed home with the kids.  When Dacia returned we began cutting out the fabric pieces and got right to work. 

After four hours of sewing, talking and tending to kids we still had a lot of work to do, but “boot camp” was over for the day.  After I put Mikayla to bed I got back to work.  I finished the pleats all by myself.  They were actually a lot easier than I thought they would be.  At 9:30 I decided to put the sewing away and go watch the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup. 

car and shirt 023Progress Day One – With pockets, chestband, shoulder straps, and hem still needing to be done. 

car and shirt 024

Progress Day One – Without pockets (this is what I ended up with), chestband, shoulder straps, and hem still needing to be done. 

 car and shirt 025

Up close shot of pleats. 

On Thursday I headed to Dacia’s house to finish up the shirt. And here is the end result (please ignore my hair and jewelry, I was wearing brown).

car and shirt 026 car and shirt 027

Sewing was not as difficult as I thought it would be and I am excited to have learned some very important skills on this shirt (straps, pleats, ruffles and hems).  If I did it over again there are some things I would change, but all in all I am pretty excited about my first sewing project.  My next project is going to be a skirt for Mikayla.  I think I might try this skirt made from dishtowels!

Thanks again to Dacia for helping me out and Carson, Callie, and Mikayla for putting up with us sewing for two days!

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Sewing Boot Camp

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I am enlisting my friend Dacia to help mentor me in a sewing boot camp (thanks friend).  Camp will take place on Wednesdays throughout the summer so I can learn to sew some fabulous clothes for Mikayla and myself.  My first project is going to be this shirt


I might be a little ambitious, but Dacia says we can do it!  I am going to attempt to finish it in June for the Make it, Wear it Challenge.  We will see how things go.  You should join the challenge to, and maybe win some fabulous prices in the process!!  Stay tuned to see if I survive the Boot Camp!

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Sewing Envy

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

In high school I took a sewing class to fill an easy senior year credit.  At the time I didn’t truly appreciate the skill and craft of sewing, but now my lack of knowledge has created some sewing envy. 

For all you out there that love the look of BabyLegs legwarmers like me, but are not a fan of the high ticket price check this out.  How simple!  If only I knew how to sew…

Then there are these adorable outfits my friend Dacia made for Mikayla.  She made a dress and shirt out of some very fun fabrics.  I am currently working on matching clips, but I am sure they will not even compare to these fun outfits.  Again, if I only knew how to sew…

 April 1 2010 - Cicis and dress 022

April 1 2010 - Cicis and dress 026

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