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Happy 2nd Birthday Mikayla

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

MLK birthday, hair clips 003 Easter, birthday 028

Mikayla last year on her birthday and then this year (very excited with crazy bed head!).

I had planned to write a lengthy post of all the accomplishments Mikayla has made in the last year, but to be honest I am too tired tonight.  Maybe another night.  For tonight I just want to wish the sweetest two year old a very happy birthday!  We had a great day of donuts, bubble baths, visitors, a park date, Chick-fil-a and of course rounded out the day with a little Stakz frozen yogurt!  Mikayla even woke up to a birthday decorated doorway. 

Easter, birthday 031

Posing in front of her birthday sign before our donut date!

Easter, birthday 034

Just hanging around the park like two year olds do!

Happy birthday sweet baby!  I am sad you are growing up so fast, but can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you.

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A Couple of Firsts

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Mikayla had a couple of firsts this week.  She got her first official haircut by the amazing Ali Townsend at Bella Me on the square in BG.  She did awesome!  She sat so still and let Ali cut and play with her hair.  I didn’t get very many shots, but here are a few to capture the moment.

Dinosaur world 005 

Dinosaur world 006 

Dinosaur world 007

She also slept in a big girl bed for the first time (minus those few moments we bring her to bed with us).  She took it like a champ in typical Mikayla fashion.  After a few bumps and delays she laid down and went right to sleep.  Since we started this on Tuesday night, she has yet to climb out of bed even at naptime!  Knock on wood!  She doesn’t put up any more of a fight than she did when we put her down in the crib.  She is however, much more cautious since the first night when she bumped her head a few times.  She will even say as she is climbing in the bed, "Be careful"!  Too cute.  I am so proud of my big girl.  Check out the video below to see her first reaction to the big girl bed.  I apologize for her not being clothed, she had just gotten out of the shower!

Dinosaur world 003

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Clips for the Congo

Friday, April 8th, 2011

In case you missed this post, my friend Lara is working towards adopting a child from the DR of the Congo.  I am partnering with her next Saturday, April 16 from 9-3 to sell our hair clips and other crafty creations to help bring her baby home.  The craft bazaar will be at T. C. Cherry Elementary School and will have a variety of crafts and vendors set up.  However, I must say the best booth will be our hair clip booth!  I hope that you will plan on attending and helping to support Lara and her family, and pick up a few hair clips for all the cute ladies in your lives!  You can check out my shop page or Lara’s album on facebook for some samples of what will be there.  There will also be some new, never seen before items that you don’t want to miss!  Hope to see everyone there!

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Dinosaur World

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Today we took an impromptu trip to Dinosaur World with my sister, her kids and my mom.  Mikayla had a blast and loved saying "Din-O-saur".  She even commented that she wanted to "poo poo a dinosaur" when she got home!  That kid is hysterical! 

Dinosaur world 008 

Dinosaur world 012 

Dinosaur world 014 

Dinosaur world 017 

Dinosaur world 018 

Dinosaur world 019 

Dinosaur world 022 

Mikayla kept calling these elephants, but they were really wooly mammoths.

Dinosaur world 034 

Dinosaur world 042 

Dinosaur world 044 

Dinosaur world 045 

Dinosaur world 046 

Dinoslide as Mikayla called it.

Dinosaur world 048 

Dinosaur world 053 

This is my niece who is 10 months old..I think she is going to be tall and pass Mikayla up very quickly!

Dinosaur world 057

Mikayla and Tanner loved hanging on the bars!

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Chattanooga Birthday Trip

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

For Mikayla’s 2nd birthday we opted to take a non-traditional route.  Since we will be moving in July and can’t take very much with us we decided to give her a trip somewhere instead of a birthday gift to unwrap (thanks Lara for the idea).  My spring break is this week so we had the perfect opportunity.  On Monday, we packed the car and headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the evening. 

Our first stop was the zoo.  It wasn’t a very big zoo, but we had a blast anyway.  Mikayla loved looking at the monkeys (really chimps, but she doesn’t know any better).  At one point one of them was walking right by our viewing window and got either excited or scared.  It let out a screech sound banged the window a few times while showing its teeth and then ran off.  Mikayla was a little taken back until she realized the monkey was just saying hi!  When it happened she actually threw her hands up and said "Whoa"!  It was priceless. 

Circus, Chattanooga 018 - Copy 

Loving on the chimp!

Circus, Chattanooga 020 - Copy 

Pretty jaguar pacing in front of the window.

 Circus, Chattanooga 023 - Copy

Circus, Chattanooga 024 - Copy 

This was just before the peacock got spooked and hit Mikayla in the head with its tail feathers!

Circus, Chattanooga 036 - Copy 

Family portrait

Circus, Chattanooga 041 - Copy 

Circus, Chattanooga 046 - Copy 

The guy at the carousel was so nice, he let Mikayla ride an extra time for free!

Circus, Chattanooga 050 

Circus, Chattanooga 054 

A little playground action after our zoo trip.

Circus, Chattanooga 055 

Circus, Chattanooga 056 

Circus, Chattanooga 059 

What Kickert vacation would be complete without a few ice cream stops along the way?

Circus, Chattanooga 060 

Circus, Chattanooga 062

And of course we had to go swimming so, as Mikayla called it, "put my head under water"!  Doesn’t she look so grown up in this swim suit?

On Tuesday morning we got up and headed to the Creative Discovery Museum.  We have taken Mikayla to several children’s museums, but this one was a hit for sure.  It catered very well to toddler aged children where others are geared towards older kids.  Mikayla loved the water station the best and kept asking to go back. 

Circus, Chattanooga 065 

Water Station – her favorite station of the day!

Circus, Chattanooga 069 

She has become quite the "hoarder", hopefully we don’t see her on one of the hoarding reality TV shows in the future!

Circus, Chattanooga 070 

Circus, Chattanooga 071 

Camping out!

Circus, Chattanooga 072 

Hanging around in a kayak.

Circus, Chattanooga 077 

They had the coolest music exhibit with different instruments and recording devices throughout.  It even had a recording studio!

Circus, Chattanooga 079 

Face painting…a beard just like daddy!

Circus, Chattanooga 081 

Circus, Chattanooga 084 

Trying to figure out the dinosaur dig…she wasn’t quite sure about the sand.

Circus, Chattanooga 090 

Being eaten by a T-Rex!

Circus, Chattanooga 092 

Hanging out at the top of the arch!

Circus, Chattanooga 096 

Circus, Chattanooga 098 

The kitchen area was her second favorite exhibit!

Circus, Chattanooga 103

All tuckered out after some birthday fun!  Happy second birthday sweet baby!

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