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Pool and Wagon Fun

Monday, May 31st, 2010

For Mikayla’s birthday she received a pool from her grandparents and a wagon from her aunts, uncles and cousins. 

 May 2009 005  May 2009 017

In the last few weeks we have began using both.  Mikayla loves to play in the wagon while we are in the garden working.  She climbs in and out, in and out, in and out.  She is even so polite as to shut the door.  Check her out in all her cuteness and please note her “concentration face” she gets from her daddy!  (For some reason this video won’t upload, I will try again later!)

May 2009 002

The pool is a different story.  She LOVES playing in the water, but is not a fan of sitting in the pool.  The following pictures and video will show that she enjoys playing in it, but only by poolside.  Still cute in her fun bathing suit.  I also recently made her a water table, but I will post more on that later.

May 2009 013

Doesn’t she make a cute summer baby?

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You Be The Judge

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Mikayla has always had hair.  She was born with a head full of dark hair.  She always had enough we could stick a bow or clippie in it so people would know she was a girl, not a boy. 

Mikayla Month of May 040

May 2009

As she got older it got lighter and longer. 

2010-02-26 Olympics, February random 021

February 2010

April 1 2010 - Cicis and dress 028 

March 2010

It isn’t super long now, but long enough to do some fun things with…like pigtails!  Ben thinks I am “pushing the line” with pigtails because it all doesn’t quite go up.  You be the judges, can we we pull pigtails off?  What do you think?

May 2009 001

 May 2009 002  May 2009 004

 May 2009 005

 May 2009 006

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My Little Daredevil

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Mikayla recently got a plastic slide from her grandparents.  She likes to climb on it more than she does slide!  As you can see from the video below she inherited her father’s adventurous spirit.  Another one of her favorite things to do is to pick up random objects and walk around with them.  She has become quite the little thief!  Here is a short video of her over the last few weeks!

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Looking forward to summer…

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

School is over in 6 days for the kiddos, 7 for me and I can’t wait for many reasons.  Here are just a few:

Spending lots of time playing, cuddling and loving on this cutey! _DSC4730.jpg_DSC4730.jpg

Not getting up early – at least not early and having to get ready to do something.MLK b-day 039 Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s Day with Mikayla, a relaxing morning. 

Not having to control a classroom of five year olds (although I really dearly love my job).

Drinking a cup of coffee and not worrying about having to guzzle it down because class starts in five minutes.

Enjoying my lunch, not having to eat in less than 20 minutes.

Gardening and eating produce that we grew in our backyard.  I can practically taste the homemade salsa as we speak!

Cooking more – let’s be honest, I don’t cook that often during the school year!

Crafting – what kind of crafts will I create this summer??

Going on one field trip a week with Mikayla.  My good friend Lara came up with this idea and I love it!

Potentially going to the Famer’s Market two times a week.

farmers market

My sister having her third child, my first niece.

A two week visit to Swaziland, Africa (*excited about the visit but not leaving Mikayla).

Playing in the pool with Mikayla.

Getting to see my husband more.  Currently he works on Friday and Saturday and some weeknights, so Sundays are our only free day together.

Scan0047 Engagement photos – What a goofball!


Highschool flashback!

I can’t wait to see what summer offers this year!

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My “Blon-ket”

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

As a child I was given a blanket hand made from one of my grandpa’s nurses.  I treasured it and couldn’t sleep at night if it wasn’t with me.  I took it to sleepovers, on road trips and campouts.  While not the prettiest thing (especially after years of snuggling), I loved it! 

I slept with it up until the time I got married when my husband told me I needed to move on.  I sadly placed my “blonket” in my Great Grandmother’s hope chest hoping that one day I could pass it on to a child of mine.  When Mikayla was born I took it out of the hope chest and waited anxiously until she was old enough to snuggle with it.  That day has finally come!  Mikayla has started to take an interest in my “blonket” and carry it around the house.  I am going to pretend that she is carrying it around because she loves it as much as I do and not that she is currently in the “carrying everything around and placing it in random places stage”!

blanket 002  blanket 004 

blanket 005


**When I refer to this specific blanket I have always said it “blonket”…I am not sure why, but it makes it even more special!

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Best Friends

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

When we first brought Mikayla home Shiloh sniffed her a few  times then wondered the opposite direction.  She never gave Mikayla much attention, but would run away if we tried to get them close to each other.  They lived in the same house, but were hardly friends (or really even acquaintances). 

Mikayla 101 Shiloh sniffing her down for the first time.  Not overly impressed!

Mikayla 112 Don’t be fooled, Shiloh is waiting for the sandwich in Ben’s lap, not the baby!

Then, Mikayla started moving and crawling.  Let’s just say that Shiloh was none too happy to have to move about constantly when Mikayla came her direction.  Which she did often!  She loves the dog (any dog really).  They still lived in the same house, but a friendship seemed impossible.  Shiloh wouldn’t let her near her for more than a few seconds.  Long enough to lick her face and then run away. 

Then, Mikayla started eating finger foods.  Shiloh loves people food.  She will sit and stare at you while you are eating, waiting for just a crumb.  Mikayla figured this out quickly and when you turn your back she will sneak Shiloh bites of her food.  Shiloh now not only tolerates Mikayla but seeks her out, especially if food is involved.  She will even allow Mikayla to pet her and give her Eskimo kisses.  It is so sweet.  They now live in the same house, tolerate each other, and one might even say are best friends!

MLK b-day 040 

Sharing some bacon from Mommy’s breakfast in bed!

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Mikayla is One!

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

In case you didn’t her the news, our sweet Mikayla is now a one year old.  It is hard to believe that a year has past since she entered this world, but it sure has been a fun one! 

_DSC4613.jpg_DSC4613.jpg _DSC4633.JPG_DSC4633.JPG _DSC4788.JPG_DSC4788.JPG

We had a blow out party last weekend with close friends and family, but more on that soon!  Here are some of Mikayla’s one year stats from the doctor’s office.

Weight: 19lbs 2oz (up from 17lbs 5oz at 9 months)

Head Circumference: 45cm (up from 43.5cm at 9 months)

Length: 28 1/2 inches (up from 27 inches at 9 months)

She is still right at the 25 percentile in all areas, but Dr. F says she is healthy, so we will take it!  Other important milestones she has reached at one year:

  1. Walking – when she reached the one year mark she decided that walking would be her primary mode of transportation!_DSC4747.jpg_DSC4747.jpg
  2. Table foods – while we had already been giving her table foods for awhile, we got the official go ahead from Dr. F at her one year appointment.  She even likes a little dirt if she is working in the garden!  Her favorite foods at this point are blueberries and bananas and (like her mom) most carbs!_DSC4874.jpg_DSC4874.jpg _DSC4852.JPG_DSC4852.JPG
  3. Car seat – In my car we have graduated to a Convertible Car Seat.  She is still rear facing in the car, but once she reaches the 20lb mark she can be turned around to front facing.
  4. Pacifier – We have started the process of weaning her from the pacifier.  She now only gets the pacifier if she is sleeping, in the car or at the sitters (although the sitter told me on Friday that she wasn’t that interested in it)! Soon we are going to start the process of weaning her completely!
  5. Milk – We haven’t moved on to whole milk just yet, but that is mostly because we have some breast milk in the freezer that needs to be used.  Once that is all gone I will only nurse her in the morning and evening and she will get whole milk the remainder of the time.  Once school is out we will start the official weaning process.  I am most excited about not having to pump all the time anymore!
  6. Explorer – Mikayla loves to explore everything and is so inquisitive with new objects.  She likes to sort things, put objects in baskets (and then back out of the baskets), throw things, and watch.  She is just like her mommy in the sense that she loves to people watch, except that she likes to get their attention too!  She loves to laugh, smile and giggle.

_DSC4676.JPG_DSC4676.JPG _DSC4763.JPG_DSC4763.JPG

I am sure there are more milestones, but that is what I have at this point.   She is a fun loving kid who loves to be around people.  Perfect, if I do say so myself.


**Pictures were taken by Melissa Devries Photography

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