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Adoption All Around

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

It seems that everywhere I turn people I know are adopting, in the process of adopting or considering adoption.  Adoption is something Ben and I talked about long before we got married and hope to still one day bring home a little one who needs a home.  Now is just not the time for us!

However, it is the time for my dear friend Lara and her sweet family.  They just turned in their adoption papers for the DR Congo and are beginning to think through fundraising ideas.  Today she posted about their first idea.  You can read about it here.  Would you consider helping a good friend bring home their sweet baby by purchasing one of their Africa magnets with a heart where DR Congo is located (or a hair clip, key chain, pin)?


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Thursday, February 10th, 2011

There’s a Monster under my bed!

More snow 001 

More snow 002

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February Sensory Tub, Snow and More!

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

For February I chose to do a red themed sensory tub.  It has lots of heart goodies in it, so it also doubles as a Valentine’s tub!  Mikayla loves to pull out the little heart shaped games and shake until her heart is content!  She is also a fan of stirring the items with the large rose.  Check it out.

Snow day, SL stuff 032 

This is just a sampling of the items in the tub.  Obviously there are more of each item shown.  From top left and around clockwise you have foil heart garland, silicone heart shaped baking cups, heart maze game, heart bracelets, red roses that smell like flowers, red foil/filler pieces, red beads (leftover from our Christmas tree) and a large red rose given to me from Ben when we were in high school. 

Snow day, SL stuff 033

She couldn’t hardly keep her hands out long enough for me to take a picture!

Stay tuned for our march tub, the theme is green (in honor of St. Patrick’s day and the hopes of Spring)!


On February 2, we also had a little groundhogs celebration.  I found a cute little cupcake here.  I thought it might be fun to make at school with my kiddos.  They had such a blast I brought the supplies home to let Mikayla join in on the action.  Thanks to the kindergarten classes, we also got a cute little groundhog headband.  We ended the evening playing a groundhog game on Starfall.

Snow day, SL stuff 034 

Digging in!

Snow day, SL stuff 035 

This kid loves her some candy…wonder where she gets that?

Snow day, SL stuff 036 

I love Groundhog’s Day mommy!

Snow day, SL stuff 039 

I promise the ones I made at school looked cuter!  Between Mikayla and Ben helping out, ours at home got a little messy!


We have had a ton of snow here in BG this winter!  I am loving it, besides having to drive home in it!  We got so much yesterday that school dismissed early and we had another snow day today.  That hardly ever happens for us!  Mikayla has become quite the little snow bunny.  When she hears the word snow or sees the white stuff in the sky she immediately  grabs her snowsuit and boots and demands to be taken outside.  The other day Ben told her it was supposed to snow before it actually started.  In typical Mikayla fashion she ran and grabbed her snowsuit and boots and demanded they be put on.  When she was all bundled up he took her outside and she was a little disappointed to find that there was no snow on the ground.  Needless to say she was a little happier the next morning when there was snow to play with.  She even cried yesterday when we told her it was time to come inside.

Snow day, SL stuff 031 

Snow angel

Snow day, SL stuff 048 

Night night sledding with daddy.

Snow day, SL stuff 049

More snow 003 

Notice her gloves.  Somewhere in the along the way we have lost the second mitten that goes with her snow suit, so we have to double up on gloves/mittens on her second hand. 

More snow 008 

Cheesing in the snow!

More snow 010

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