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Clips for the Congo

Friday, April 8th, 2011

In case you missed this post, my friend Lara is working towards adopting a child from the DR of the Congo.  I am partnering with her next Saturday, April 16 from 9-3 to sell our hair clips and other crafty creations to help bring her baby home.  The craft bazaar will be at T. C. Cherry Elementary School and will have a variety of crafts and vendors set up.  However, I must say the best booth will be our hair clip booth!  I hope that you will plan on attending and helping to support Lara and her family, and pick up a few hair clips for all the cute ladies in your lives!  You can check out my shop page or Lara’s album on facebook for some samples of what will be there.  There will also be some new, never seen before items that you don’t want to miss!  Hope to see everyone there!

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Sugar Mamma’s Shop

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

In February I began making hair clips and jokingly called my "shop" – Sugar Mamma’s Shop.  Just recently I decided to expand and add a new "shop" page to my blog.  I am still making hair clips as a hobby, but if you are interested in buying any you should check out the new page.  Just click on Sugar Mamma’s Shop above for details!

Here is a sample of the free business cards I ordered from Vista Print.


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Crafty Nights

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Some nights a girl just needs to craft.  It allows you to get away from it all, enjoy a little Friends (that is my go to show for crafting), and create something fun.  My go to craft these days is hair clips (see this and this for past clips).  I have really gotten into ribbon sculptures (basically a 3D hair clip) here lately.  Here are some of my most recent ventures in hair clip making (I apologize for crappy pictures, I am just not sure how to take pictures of hair clips yet).

Halloween Clips:

  Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 044

Witches hat and spider 

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 051

Spider up close

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 053

Witches hat

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 046 Pumpkin

Just for Fun:

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 048 Cherries

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 054



Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 049

    Christmas tree with ornaments

I have more clip ideas in my head, but my fingers are too burnt tonight to do anymore!  Plus, my pumpkin just got done roasting and needs to be pureed!


**If you are interested in purchasing any of the clips above or ones from this post, please leave a comment.  I also make flower clips, but don’t have any pictures handy.  Prices range from $3-5 for clips.

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How to Make Hair Clips

Friday, February 12th, 2010

If you read this post, you know that I have a new obsession…making hair clips.  They are so much easier than I thought they would be.  A little time + a little patience + cute crafting supplies = Amazingly easy hair clippies!  Here are a few questions I have been asked and their answers.

What supplies will I need?

To get started you will need the following supplies:

  1. Hair clips – alligator or snap clips
  2. Ribbon – Various sizes will do depending on the type of clip you are wanting to make.
  3. Glue – I have used both hot glue and a crafting glue called E600.  However, I have found it is easier to make the clips with the hot glue (low heat) than the other.  E600 has a very strong odor and gave me a really bad headache every time.  Just remember, that a little glue goes a long way…Just a dot, not a lot!
  4. Crafting supplies – Any kind will do…flower petals, jewels, beads, brads, and buttons to name a few.  Pick your poison or mix them all around!  I have even started using felt embellishments.

Where can I get supplies for hair clips?

I have gotten most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby (a crafting store).  If you have a Michaels nearby you might check there.  Other places to look are dollar stores (Mighty Dollar has some great selections), the Target dollar aisle (I have found brads and ribbon here), and any other place that sells scrapbooking supplies. 

How do I make a hair clip?

Start by measuring and cutting the ribbon to desired length.  Use a lighter to lightly singe the edges of the ribbon.  Then glue the ribbon on the clip of your choice, being careful not to glue the clip shut.  If you are using E600 you will want to have a dowel rod or something along those lines to keep clips open while drying.  Once dry, add the embellishment of your choice.  Scrapbooking flowers fastened with brads make cute clips.  As do, unique buttons.  Really, hair clips can be as simple or as in depth as you desire.  If you are handy with a crocheting needle, crocheted flowers make cute snap clips.  One important thing to keep in mind is the direction the clip will be placed in individuals hair.  If you are using something like a bird then the direction will matter. 

I am not crafty, so I can’t make these…

Trust me, if you can find some cute crafty supplies and use a glue gun, you can make hair clips.  It is really a lot easier than it looks!


Happy clip making!

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Sugar Mamma’s Shop

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

One of my students at school always has the cutest bows and hair clips.  She is not overly girly, so her clips are pretty down to earth.  Right up my alley!  She even made MLK a few of her own (which Ben decided to put in her hair all at one time)!

2010-January 104 2010-January 102

  After careful inspection (and a few conversations) with the mom, and some encouragement from a fellow teacher (who also braved the world of clip making) I decided to give clip making a try.  It might look intimidating, but it is actually quite simple.  After making my first clip I vowed to never again by a clip I could make.  Here are what my first few looked like.  Nothing too hard, simple ribbon glued on a clip with a button or two for some added glam!

2010-January-100th day 044 2010-January-100th day 038

This was fun for awhile, but then I decided I wanted to elaborate some.  I got some flower petals and put them together with brads to make some bows.  I don’t have pictures, but they look similar to the clips the parent made for MLK (pictured above).  After making these clips for awhile, scouring multiple Etsy sites for ideas, and a quick sewing session with my dear friend Dacia I decided to venture into the world of felt.  All you ladies (or gentlemen) out there toying with the idea of making felt creations I encourage you to do so.  Once you get the blanket stitch down it is a piece of cake!  Here are some of my favorite creations thus far.

2010-February 024 2010-February 030 2010-February 022 

My team teacher and I have decided to team up and host a table at a Spring Craft Bazaar hosted by our school (if anyone is interested tables are $25 and you get to keep all the money you make).  Hopefully these little clippies will make us some money!  Oh, and just for fun, I have coined my clip "shop", Sugar Mamma’s Shop.  It is not a real shop anywhere, but I would love to sell some clips if you know anyone that might be interested!

I have made some other crafts lately, but I will save that for a later post.  I have also been busy playing in all our fun snow with this little bundle of joy (and her daddy and Shiloh too)!

2010-February 018

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