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Crafty Nights

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Some nights a girl just needs to craft.  It allows you to get away from it all, enjoy a little Friends (that is my go to show for crafting), and create something fun.  My go to craft these days is hair clips (see this and this for past clips).  I have really gotten into ribbon sculptures (basically a 3D hair clip) here lately.  Here are some of my most recent ventures in hair clip making (I apologize for crappy pictures, I am just not sure how to take pictures of hair clips yet).

Halloween Clips:

  Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 044

Witches hat and spider 

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 051

Spider up close

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 053

Witches hat

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 046 Pumpkin

Just for Fun:

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 048 Cherries

Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 054



Tanner B-day, Park, Clips 049

    Christmas tree with ornaments

I have more clip ideas in my head, but my fingers are too burnt tonight to do anymore!  Plus, my pumpkin just got done roasting and needs to be pureed!


**If you are interested in purchasing any of the clips above or ones from this post, please leave a comment.  I also make flower clips, but don’t have any pictures handy.  Prices range from $3-5 for clips.

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A Quick Update

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

We haven’t been up to much, just living life!  Here is a recap of the last week or so in pictures!

Cracked Window and stuff 019

Ben made pancakes last week and made this special Mickey Mouse one for Mikayla. 

Cracked Window and stuff 023We went to a former student’s birthday party and Mikayla jumped in the inflatable with the big kids.  She thought she was so cool!

Cracked Window and stuff 026 

We made a family dinner.  Doesn’t Mikayla look so cute in her little apron!!  I only had to fold it over like five hundred times so she wouldn’t trip on it!  She is just like her momma though, she likes to snack while she works!

Cracked Window and stuff 027

Ben even got in on the action and helped out!

Cracked Window and stuff 030Mikayla decided it would be more fun to crawl inside her shopping cart than push it!

Cracked Window and stuff 034 I made a special lunch for Mikayla and cut her sandwich in the shape of her initials.  I swear she ate more this way.  We will be doing a lunch like this again soon!

Cracked Window and stuff 036 "Mom, why are you taking pictures of me eating??"

Cracked Window and stuff 037Such a mischievous grin!  She is trouble!

I have been doing a bit of crafting, but haven’t taken very many pictures. I have been busy making some witches hat and spiders clips in preparation for Halloween!  Only 9 more days until my fall break! Hard to believe it is already here, but I am ready!

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New Hobbies

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Is 17 months old too young to have hobbies?  Because I think Mikayla has just taken up two new favorites:  Nose picking and bird watching!  She constantly has her fingers up her nose, especially in the car.  She even fell asleep the other day while picking her nose.  At one point I looked back and she had both of her hand being used to pick her nose!  Gross! 

Her second hobby is a little nicer, bird watching.  She will climb up the step stool in the kitchen and look out the windows at the birds forever!  She can’t identify them quite yet, but we are working on that!

Hobby #1:  Nose Picking

Cracked Window and stuff 003 

Cracked Window and stuff 004

Hobby #2:  Bird Watching

Cracked Window and stuff 016 

Cracked Window and stuff 017

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Then and Now

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Last year we ventured to Jackson’s Orchard with Mikayla for some fall fun.  We found a tree and continued the Adkins tradition of tree pictures.  As with most years since I have been in BG, we traveled back to Jackson’s Orchard for some fall fun this past weekend.  I am sure we will take more trips this fall, but I thought it would be fun to compare last year’s picture with this years.  I actually stole this idea from my friend Emily!

Here is Mikayla almost exactly one year ago in the tree at Jackson’s Orchard:

2009-09-03 Jackson's Orchard 024 

2009-09-03 Jackson's Orchard 028

2009-09-03 Jackson's Orchard 041

And here she is today (well this past Saturday)!  Notice the change in hair color and length.  Crazy!

Altmaier visit and Labor Day 004 

Altmaier visit and Labor Day 007 

Altmaier visit and Labor Day 008

She has grown and changed so much!

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Put Me In Coach A

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Dear Coach A (AKA Poppy),

I am ready to play ball with the big girls.  Please put me in?  I think I could start guard!  So what do you think?  Will you put me in Coach?



August 2010 010

See I can steal the ball and run off with it!

August 2010 007Bending down low to make my move!

August 2010 009

I even have the hard moves down…triple threat baby!

August 2010 012Look at my form, almost perfect!

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