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Too Cute Not to Post

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I caught Mikayla and Shiloh gazing out the window the other day and it was just so cute.  I am glad Shiloh plays nicely with Mikayla (or at least tolerates her).  Mikayla has really been into kissing lately and she especially loves to give the dog smooches!

August2010 029

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Best Friends

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

When we first brought Mikayla home Shiloh sniffed her a few  times then wondered the opposite direction.  She never gave Mikayla much attention, but would run away if we tried to get them close to each other.  They lived in the same house, but were hardly friends (or really even acquaintances). 

Mikayla 101 Shiloh sniffing her down for the first time.  Not overly impressed!

Mikayla 112 Don’t be fooled, Shiloh is waiting for the sandwich in Ben’s lap, not the baby!

Then, Mikayla started moving and crawling.  Let’s just say that Shiloh was none too happy to have to move about constantly when Mikayla came her direction.  Which she did often!  She loves the dog (any dog really).  They still lived in the same house, but a friendship seemed impossible.  Shiloh wouldn’t let her near her for more than a few seconds.  Long enough to lick her face and then run away. 

Then, Mikayla started eating finger foods.  Shiloh loves people food.  She will sit and stare at you while you are eating, waiting for just a crumb.  Mikayla figured this out quickly and when you turn your back she will sneak Shiloh bites of her food.  Shiloh now not only tolerates Mikayla but seeks her out, especially if food is involved.  She will even allow Mikayla to pet her and give her Eskimo kisses.  It is so sweet.  They now live in the same house, tolerate each other, and one might even say are best friends!

MLK b-day 040 

Sharing some bacon from Mommy’s breakfast in bed!

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10 Things I Love About Fall

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Out of all four seasons, fall is by far my favorite.  It has been since I can remember.  There are so many great things about fall, here are ten of my favorites!

  1. Apple Orchards – Growing up I would go pick apples with my grandma at Haney’s and grab and apple pie.  Now that I live in Bowling Green I like to frequent Jackson’s Orchard for an apple cider slush, apple pie, and great fall atmosphere!
  2. Pumpkins and Halloween parties – For the last three or four years Ben and I have hosted a Halloween party.  We aren’t very social people, but this has come to be something our friends expect each year.  We have contests for the best costumes and we even have a pumpkin carving contest.  Last year the carving was kind of a dud for several reasons, but we hope to pick it back up this year.
  3. Fall leaves – I love the colors that fall brings:  reds, oranges, yellows…they are all so great.  I like to watch them change on the trees and then float to the ground.  One of the best sounds in the world is walking along on a leaf covered path and hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet.  So peaceful!  And believe it or not, I actually enjoy raking leaves.  Too bad our wimpy trees don’t have enough to warrant raking!
  4. Apples – Caramel apples, applecake, apple muffins, apple pie…the list could go on forever!  Each year at school we have an apple unit and for the culmination we have an Apple Celebration.  Each family is invited to send in their favorite apple dish and then we have a taste test with the kids.  It is so much fun to see all the creativity and taste the deliciousness.
  5. Weather – Cool and crisp…not too cool like in the winter and not too crisp like on really windy days, but just perfect.  Perfect for long walks with my puppy and my baby!  Perfect for afternoon and evening rounds of disc golf with my husband and friends.
  6. Fires in the backyard – We haven’t had our fire pit for very long (I think right at a year), but fires on a fall night our the best.  I have just recently rediscovered my love for smores, but only if Ben makes them for me!
  7. Fall Food – Chili and Thanksgiving food are two of my favorites.  I could eat a big bowl of homemade chili almost every night in the fall.  And don’t get me started on Thanksgiving food:  mashed potatoes and gravy, veggie casseroles, rolls, pumpkin pie…just around the corner and my tummy is already starting to rumble!
  8. K-Scope Showcases – I love watching what kids can create when given a positive outlet to do so.  Kaleidoscope showcases never let me down!
  9. Fall Break – I love my job for many reasons, but one in particular is the many breaks I get throughout the year, fall break being one of them.  This year we are heading to the Smokey Mountains with some good friends of ours and I can’t wait!  Leaves, crisp weather, good food and wonderful friends all combined together.  Does life get any better?
  10. Fall memories – Some of my favorite memories took place in the fall season.  In college it was somewhat of a tradition for Ben and I, along with a couple of friends to take road trips to various places.  Two of my favorites were the road trips we took to Baton Rouge and Maine over fall break.  They were long car rides (which I probably wouldn’t be very good at today), but well worth it in the end!  In high school many of my friends played soccer (a fall sport in Kentucky).  I have many fond memories of sitting bundled up in a blanket cheering them on!

What are your favorite fall moments?  I will end with some favorite fall pictures:

Jackson's Orchard Fall 2009

Jackson's Orchard Fall 2009

Favorite Halloween Costume - Cave People Fall 2007

Favorite Halloween Costume - Cave People Fall 2007

Jackson's Orchard Fall 2008

Jackson's Orchard Fall 2008

Another look at our costume Fall 2007

Another look at our costume Fall 2007


10 Activities

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Well, we are nearing the end of our Top Ten Lists.  Are you sad?  Today brings us to one of my favorite lists, my Top Ten Activities.

  1. Cooking – If you have read any of my old blog posts you will be able to tell that I love cooking.  I love any and all cooking, but especially baking.  I am somewhat of an experimenter when I cook.  I like to start with a basic recipe and adapt it to my taste buds.  However, I hate to taste food until it is completely done.  A good chef tastes throughout, but I don’t like to taste really until the end.  This presents problems sometimes.  If you are interested in past recipes read here and here.
  2. Painting (I am a novice) – I started this a few years ago.  I haven’t painted much in the last year, but I find it somewhat relaxing.  I also like to do other art projects like mosaics.  Here are a few of my favorite projects:
    This is one of my favorite pieces.  The painting part is finished, but overall it isn't complete yet.  I am hoping to do a multi-media piece on some old wood with pictures of Africa.

    This is one of my favorite pieces. The painting part is finished, but overall it isn't complete yet. I am hoping to do a mixed-media piece on some old wood with pictures of Africa.

    I made this for my nephew, Tanner's room

    Mosaic made from broken pieces of tile. I made this for my nephew, Tanner's room

    Painted flower - acrylic on canvas

    Painted flower - acrylic on canvas

    Lampshade I decoupaged with old photos from giraffe calendar...can you tell I love giraffes?

    Lampshade I decoupaged with old photos from giraffe calendar...can you tell I love giraffes?

  3. Being a mommy – This is a recent development (as of April 28), but I am loving it.  I start back to work full time on August 3 and am not looking forward to it.  However, Mikayla will be in good hands with my loving husband.  I love everything about being a mommy for Mikayla – playing with her, talking to her, changing her, bathing her…the list goes on.  I mean how could you not love being a mommy to this cutey?
    Hanging at the lake with her second cousins

    Hanging at the lake with her second cousins

    Pouty face - I love it!

    Pouty face - I love it!

  4. Playing disc golf – In this post I mentioned that the disc golf course was one of my favorite places to be.  So naturally, playing disc golf is one of my favorite activities.  I love taking Shiloh out and playing by ourselves, or playing with a large group of people.  I even like walking while everyone else plays!  It is a relaxing atmosphere.
  5. Playing with my nephews – In this post I mentioned that I have two nephews:  Tyson (2) and Tanner (almost one).  They are the sons of my older sister.  I think they are the cutest and sweetest boys in the world.  Judge for yourself:

    My sister and her two boys!

    My sister and her two boys!

  6. Goofing off with my husband – If you know Ben at all you know he is one goofy guy.  I love to wrestle with him, sit around and exchange jokes, play games, run into town, and many more.  He can make almost any situation a fun one.  Here are some funny pictures of him goofing off:
    This is my goofy husband in nothing but a child's size lifejacket.  Quite humerous!

    This is my goofy husband in nothing but a child's size life jacket. Quite humorous!

    Trying to fit into my peacoat...he didn't quite make it.

    Trying to fit into my pea coat...he didn't quite make it.

    Goofy husband...enough said!

    Goofy husband...enough said!

  7. Going for a walk with Mikayla and Shiloh – I haven’t done this very often because lets be honest, I am lazy!  However, this is one activity that I thoroughly enjoy!
  8. Reading – Again, this is not one I have gotten to do very often, but I do enjoy it.
  9. Playing Settler’s of Catan – Cody and Amanda Chapman introduced us to this fantastic game.  In my opinion, it is a cross between Monopoly and Risk.  I loved it so much after we first played it that I downloaded an online version and would play myself.  I am ridiculous I know!  Just recently, the Pavey’s introduced me to Catan the card game.  It is the same concept, but only a two player game and much quicker than its counterpart.  There are many other variations of Catan games.
  10. Being married to Ben – This isn’t really an activity, but I really enjoy being with my husband.  I love him very much!

That’s it, all of my favorite activities in the world.  Well, not really all of them, but at least the Top Ten.  I think I will go and enjoy one of those activities right now!


10 Places

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

These are my Top Ten Favorite Places to be:

  1. My bed snuggled with Ben, Shiloh and Mikayla – This one should explain itself.  Two of my favorite people, my dog and my comfy cozy bed.  Does it get any better than this?
  2. Waterfalls – I love them all, big or small.  I could sit and watch a waterfall for hours.  I think they are some of the prettiest things God created.
    Frank Lloyd Wright House built on a waterfall

    Frank Lloyd Wright House built on a waterfall

    Ohiopyle Waterfall

    Ohiopyle Waterfall

  3. Guatemala – Spent a summer here with Amy and fell in love with it, the people and the culture.  The food is awesome, the people are so loving and accepting and the countryside is gorgeous.  My brother just led a group down there for 10 days.  I couldn’t go because of commitments here (mainly Mikayla), but I relived my summer there when I saw pictures.
  4. Coffee shops – While in Guatemala I developed a love for coffee and cute coffee shops.   In college coffee shops were a popular hangout spot with friends and mentors.  Today I enjoy heading to a coffee shop with a good book or some good friends and enjoying a nice, steamy cup of joe!  In Bowling Green, my favorite coffee shop is Spencer’s on the square.
  5. Outdoors – I love being outside on a sunny, slightly breezy day.  You can do so much outdoors (and a lot of my favorite places are outdoors).  In the summer time we love to start a fire and sit around the pit watching movies on the side of the house.  In college we would spend an entire day rock climbing.  Walking through the woods on  a crisp fall afternoon with the leaves crunching underfoot is another favorite.  There is so much to do outside, why would anyone want to be glued to a tv screen?
  6. Anywhere with family and friends – I love spending time with family, even if it is just a quick trip to Target!  My love language is quality time and just being together is enough for me.
  7. On a disc golf courseSteve and Luella introduced me to this fabulous game about three summers ago.  I have been playing it ever since.  BG has some of the best courses in the state.  We actually have 8 courses.  If you unfamiliar with disc golf check out this informational video.  I have some fond memories of times on the disc golf course – like the time I played disc golf in the rain in Florida with Cat, Dave, Ben and Potter…good times!.  Check out these photos:
    Disc golf in Ohiopyle with some great friends

    Disc golf in Ohiopyle with some great friends

    Disc golf woth some of my favorite kiddos!  The love it asmuch as me!

    Disc golf woth some of my favorite kiddos! The love it as much as me!

    Disc golf in Hartford with the Pavey's

    Disc golf in Hartford with the Pavey's

  8. In the garden (vegetable garden that is) or a pick your own orchard – As mentioned earlier I love being outside.  What better way to spend the day than harvesting fruits and veggies?  This is mine and Ben‘s third year gardening.  This year we have our garden at our house.  Check out this post. I also enjoy a good pick your own orchard.  As a kid we would go with my grandma to Haney’s and pick apples.  Last summer I went with Dana to The Orchard to pick blackberries (which were made inti blackberry jam) and snagged some blueberries across the street.
  9. The Farm – My grandparents farm holds some great memories for me.  We always argued over which route to take (1, 2, 3, or 4), even to this day I will say let’s go Number 3!  Then we would take turns driving up the driveway (this was before we had licenses of course).  Even as a little child, dad would put us behind the wheel and let us “drive”.  Fishing, family dinners, gardens, blackberries, horses, golden retrievers, cinnamon rolls (but only at Christmas)…so many memories!
  10. KAP (Kelly Autism Program) – I just discovered my love for  KAP this summer (read here).  I hate leaving Ben and Mikayla everyday, but I have really enjoyed my time there.  Contrary to popular belief I get energized (most days) when working with these kiddos!

How I met Ben

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

This is kind of cheesy, but it was fun!  I love my husband very much.  We have been through a lot and have a lot left to go!

1.) Where did you meet?
We met at church youth group.

2.) Who introduced you?
No one really, we just knew each other from church.

3.) What was the first thought that went through your head when you met?
He looks like trouble, but he is awfully cute!

4.) Do you remember what he/she was wearing?
Nope, but I do remember he wore a black long sleeve Adidas shirt with yellow lettering a lot.

6.) How long did you know this person before you became a couple?
3 years

7.) How did he/she ask you out?
We went to MORP (a sock hop type dance at my high school), afterwards a bunch of us came back to my basement to watch movies.  Everyone else had left and as he was leaving he asked me to be his girlfriend.

8.) Do you have kids with this person?
Yes, our beautiful MLK (Mikayla Lillian).

9.) Have you ever broken the law with this person?
I mean we speed, does that count?

10.) When was the first time you really liked this person?
In 8th grade I had a huge crush on him, he was kind of a flirt though!

11.) Do you get along with his/her family?
Absolutely, my in-laws are the best.  Extended family is questionable though 😉
12.) Do you trust this person?
With my life

13.) Do you see her/him as your partner in the future?
He is my partner

14.) What is the best gift she/he gave you?
My daughter!  But if we are talking tangible then probably the “gifts” he gave me for our 10 year anniversary.

15.) How long have you been with this person?
We started dating when I was 16 and have been married for almost five years (five in October)

16.) How well do you know your man or woman?
Better than most.
17.) What features attracted you to him first?
His smile and eyes
18.) Hair color?

19.) Does he/she let you wear their pants?
I don’t wear his pants, but occasionally will wear his shirts.  I pretty much stole the black Adidas shirt from him in college.

20.) Do you have a shirt of hers/his that you sleep in?
See question above.

21.) Does she/he make you happy?
More than anyone else in the world.
22.) Does she/he have any piercings?
Two, kinda.  He used to have two holes in his left ear (one he pierced himself), but he doesn’t wear them anymore.

23.) Does she/he have any scars that you know of?
He got bit by the church camp dog on his right leg.  He also recently tried to saw his leg off.  Not really, but he does have a scar from a sawing accident.
24.) Is she/he Outgoing or Shy?
Both.  He interacts with others well, but crowds drain him.
25.) Does she/he sing?
Just ask Stevenson Chapel.  The quick answer is no!
26.) Do you like her/his friends?
I love them, consider them my own.
27.) Does she/he have any tattoos?
He wants one, but…let’s not go there.

28.) Does she/he look like their mom?
Nope, more like his dad everyday.

29.) Do you like her/his sisters/brothers?
I love his brother!
30.) What is the most romantic date he has ever taken you on?
Our own private drive-in in his backyard, complete with roasted hot dogs and all my favorite girly movies is a favorite date.  He is pretty crafty when he wants to be!

31.) Do you have any nicknames for each other?
Babe is our most common one.

32.) Do you live with this person?
Have since October 2, 2004.
33.) Do you have any pets together?
Yep, our fantastic (for the most part) dog, Shiloh

34.) Where is this person?
Sitting next to me on the couch.
35.) What is your anniversary date?
Dating anniversary was March 26, but marriage is October 2, 2004

Tell me about your love!

My family minus Shiloh

My family minus Shiloh

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Hello blog-world!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Hello blogging world!  Since I follow several (and by several I mean lots) of blogs, I thought it was only appropriate that I start a blog of my own.  So…here it is!  What do you think?  I am not much of a writer and I stay pretty busy, so I can’t make any kind of promises as to how often I will blog.  That being said, let me explain my blog title:  A Sugar-Mamma’s Thoughts.  The title was a joint effort by my husband and I.  Here is the explanation:

Sugar-Mamma – I teach kindergarten and love it!  Wouldn’t trade my job for anything.  My husband stays at home with our baby.  Thus making me his Sugar Mamma.

My sweet kiddos at Christmas time!

My sweet kiddos at Christmas time!

Sugar – I love to cook and hope to share some of my passions with the blog world.

Mamma – This one is pretty obvious.  I am a mother to a beautiful 7 week old baby girl.  Mikayla Lillian Kickert!  We think she is the most beautiful thing in the whole world, but we are her parents.  Judge for yourself.  I am also a “mamma” to our dog Shiloh.  She is a rescue from the Humane Society, and in my opinion the best dog ever.

My wonderful husband and Mikayla

My wonderful husband and Mikayla



My other baby, Shiloh

My other baby, Shiloh

Thoughts – I plan on including anything else random under this category.

I am glad you stopped by my blog.  Check back soon for some of my ramblings!

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