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Preschool–Dr. Seuss edition

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

In between all of our visitors and traveling, we managed to squeeze in some Dr. Seuss fun!  After all, he is my favorite children’s author!  Like always, I planned way too much and we ran out of time to do it all.  I guess it is better to over plan than to under plan, right?  I have also been really bad about taking pictures to document our school time lately, so here are just a few from our Dr. Seuss fun!

Visitors - Jana, Liv, Rita Steve 002

This is similar to a game I used to play in my classroom called write the room.  The kids had to go around and write words they saw in the room on a piece of paper.  For Mikayla I hung up Dr. Seuss letter cards.  When she found the letter she put an X on that letter on her paper (which was filled with each letter).

Visitors - Jana, Liv, Rita Steve 015

Green eggs and ham dinner.  Cat in the hat fruit stacks with raspberries and banana slices.  I also made biscuits and gravy because I wanted them!  We watched the Lorax (the new one) while eating.

Visitors - Jana, Liv, Rita Steve 017

She clipped numbered clothespins to the correct box (each box was filled with a different number of Dr. Seuss stickers).

Visitors - Jana, Liv, Rita Steve 019

Special Lorax lunch.  Lorax was chicken nuggets with cheese mustaches and eyebrows (raisins for the eyes) and Truffala trees (banana slices for the base, pretzel sticks for the trunks, and glace cherries for the tree parts).  She ate a double helping of both!!

Visitors - Jana, Liv, Rita Steve 023

Cat in the hat stripe game.  She rolled the dice and put stripes on the hat, and she even did so in pattern form.

Visitors - Jana, Liv, Rita Steve 025

The obligatory Cat in the Hat hat!

Visitors - Jana, Liv, Rita Steve 029

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish pattern page – she completed the colored fish patterns.

Visitors - Jana, Liv, Rita Steve 012

Dr. Seuss rhyming cards.  Each of her friends in the picture had to find their own rhyming match!

Have I mentioned before that I love that my daughter loves Dr. Seuss as much as I do?

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Miscellaneous Seuss Activities

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Have I mentioned before how much I love Dr. Seuss?  Well if not, I LOVE DR. SEUSS!  I think he is an extremely creative writer that engages his reader and his characters are super creative!  When I taught Kindergarten we always did a two week Dr. Seuss unit and read as many of his books as we could.  Mikayla has always enjoyed Dr. Seuss, which is why we have spent the last two weeks "studying" his books during our Toddler School time.  You can read about some of our past activities here, here, here and here.  These are just some of the activities that didn’t make it into any of the other posts because they weren’t geared towards any specific book, but just Dr. Seuss as a whole!

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 002

I colored a Thing 1 picture, cut into strips, numbered the strips and she had a fun puzzle to work.  She really enjoyed this and it was easy, so I think we will be doing more of these in the future!

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 006

I placed some Dr. Seuss stickers onto strips of paper and she cut in between the stickers for some fun cutting practice.

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 008

Since she LOVES stickers so much I let her take the extra stickers and place on a quick drawing of the words Dr. Seuss and a Cat Hat.

random stuff 019

I made a color by number that revealed the Cat’s Hat.  She did a great job of coloring the numbers to correct color, but she struggled with coloring in the whole area.  Another easy project we can replicate for future activities!

Shape of me, ABCs 016

Roll An Action Game.  First, I made a dice with six different actions (i.e. clap, hop, etc.)  Then, I laid out some Dr. Seuss number flash cards on the floor. She chose one, rolled the action dice and then completed the action the same number of times as her number card.  She is still not great with number recognition if anyone has any fun activities.

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Toddler School–Dr. Seuss Cats and Fish

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

For our final installment of Dr. Seuss fun we focused on a couple of my favorite books:  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Cat in the Hat, and Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

After reading the book I had Mikayla put the correct number for fish in each numbered fish bowl.  I had planned to have her paint or stamp them, but stickers were easier on this particular day.  If you look closely at the picture on the right you will see a glimpse of our Horton made from a toilet paper tube.

More Seussian fun 001

Cat in the Hat

We made the obligatory Thing 1 and Thing 2 craft by painting our hands.  I still want to play a balancing game with her where she tries to balance objects like Cat in the Hat, but we managed to run out of time again!

More Seussian fun 011

Cat in the Hat Comes Back

We made a Cat Hat with the letters of her name.  She liked it so much, we had to make hats for some of her princesses out of strips of paper and toilet paper tubes.  Pictures are terrible, but you get the idea!

More Seussian fun 006

More Seussian fun 007


I made some finger puppets today while she was napping, but they did not turn out as planned.  The cat is not black because I didn’t have black pipe cleaners.  And the noses on Thing 1 and Thing 2 are a little large, but oh well.  I still think Mikayla will have fun with them!




I had also planned to do some stuff with The Foot Book, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  If we do, I will post about it later.

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Toddler School–Horton and Hop on Pop

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

We have continued our Dr. Seuss study this week with a few more popular titles:  Horton Hears a Who, Horton Hatches An Egg, Hop On Pop and There’s a Wocket in My Pocket.  Here are our activities:

Horton Hears a Who

We began by reading the book and then making a clover with a speck.  She is still playing with the clover and is amazed the speck never falls off!  I didn’t have any glitter this year which I usually use for my speck, so I just put a drop of hot glue and it works great (even easier than the glitter).  Then we grabbed Horton and watched the movie.  Please note that my daughters choice of snacks for the movie watching were plain noodles.  Too funny!

Horton 001

Horton Hatches An Egg

She was a little disappointed after this reading, because there wasn’t a movie to watch.  She thought there should be!  We settled for making a Horton character out of a painted toilet paper tube and some foam.  I did not manage to get a picture of this, but I promise it was cute!

Hop On Pop

We read the book and then got out some bubble wrap for her to Hop on Pop(s).  She had a blast and kept popping for several minutes!

More Seussian fun 003

More Seussian fun 004

There’s a Wocket In My Pocket

This was a last minute addition to our study because we found it for pretty cheap in Jo-burg last weekend.  We read the book and then played a game.  To play I put six items on a cookie sheet.  Then I had her close her eyes and removed one object to put in my pocket.  When she opened her eyes she had to guess which object was missing.  She did great at this game and we played several times back and forth.  Eventually she even started adding more items while my eyes were closed…clever girl!

More Seussian fun 002

I have just a few more activities up my sleeves so stay tuned!

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Toddler School–More Dr. Seuss

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

For this installment of Toddler School we will focus on two more Dr. Seuss books:  The Shape of Me and Other Stuff and Dr. Seuss’s ABCs.  Like before, we read the book and then completed the activities.

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff

Shape of me, ABCs 002

We made shape noodles.  She chose four of her favorite shapes and I drew them on some paper.  Then she traced them with white glue and glued cooked noodles on top.  She kept talking about a noodle eating poodle while doing this (from Fox in Socks) and she insisted on wearing her silly socks!

Shape of me, ABCs 005

Then we took side walk chalk and made the shape of stuff by tracing them.  In this picture you can see her tracing her baby doll. 

Dr. Seuss’s ABCs

Shape of me, ABCs 018

We made letters in salt.  We also just played with the salt!

Shape of me, ABCs 021

We worked our Dr. Seuss ABC puzzle.  We also went on a letter hunt around the house.  She wasn’t really into this so I didn’t get any pictures.

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Toddler School–Green Eggs and Ham / Fox in Socks

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Last week was Dr. Seuss’s birthday and since we were gone and/or busy for most of the week we decided to push back our Dr. Seuss fun to this week and next.  I have created (or stolen ideas from others) various activities to correspond with each of the Dr. Seuss books we have.  We read the books and then complete the activities.  Rather than posting about them all in one large post, I decided to break them down.  This post will be about Green Eggs and Ham and Fox in Socks.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 005

We colored shapes green and then glued them onto the matching eggs to make Green Egg Shapes!

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 009

Then we made a green eggs and ham snack.  We started by pairing together two pretzel sticks (ham) and then choosing some green jelly beans from a pile.

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 010

Then we melted some white chocolate and put "globs" of it on the sticks to represent the egg whites.  She then placed the green jelly bean on top as the center of the green eggs.

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 018

Next up our Green Eggshell Art.  I saved the egg shells from last week’s Dr. Seuss dinner, washed them good and placed them in a Zip lock baggie.  She then smashed them to pieces.

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 019

I stuck a little green paint inside and she shook like crazy.  **Side note – sticking out her lower jaw like she is here is one of her favorite things to do these days…not sure why, it looks painful to me!

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 021

Then she squeezed glue all around a green sheet of paper.

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 023

Last, she sprinkled her colored egg shells on top of her glue.  Surprisingly, she wasn’t a big fan of having the painted egg shells stuck to her fingers.

Fox in Socks

We started by putting on some silly socks and reading Fox in Socks.  She chose to wear one Cat in the Hat sock and one One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish sock.

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 013

Then we worked her Fox in Socks puzzle wearing silly socks.

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 014

We even played a matching game with some socks.  I took socks apart and she matched up the pair.  She got frustrated when I tried to show her how to put the pairs of socks together, so we finally just stacked them.

Green Eggs and Fox in Socks 017

Then she decided that she needed to put on all of her silly socks at one time and play with her babies.  Eventually the socks found their way to her hands and were used briefly as puppets!  She ended up wearing her silly socks for quite some time during the day!

Stay tuned for some more Dr. Seuss fun during the next two weeks!

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This Week’s Happenings 2/22-3/3

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Fair warning, this is going to be a rather long post because we have some catching up to do!  The last two weeks have been filled with traveling, meetings and parties!  Fun times.  When we last left you we were staying with Ben in Matsapha while he was at a week long strategic planning meeting. 

Check out last week’s happenings for the full update, but in addition to all that we Mikayla and I got our first African hair cut.  For the most part things turned out okay (a little uneven and more layers than I was expecting), better than expected really.  Mikayla did great.  She let them wash her hair in the big sink while I was getting mine cut and then sat there so still while hers was being trimmed.  The nicest thing about the cut is that it is shorter which makes it cooler, but also it looks decent without being fixed.  Since it gets hot pretty early in the day, most days I don’t feel like blow drying my hair.  So a cut that can go decently without a dryer is always a plus in my book!  (You can see pictures below)

On Thursday (2/23), Mikayla and I headed back to the house early to do some laundry and repacking.  Then on Friday we packed up the car (again) and headed for a mini-vacation/birthday retreat in St. Lucia, South Africa (not the Caribbean St. Lucia).  It was the perfect weekend getaway filled with beaches, animals and relaxation!  On Friday we just checked out the town, took naps and then went out for an excellent dinner at an Italian place called Alfredo’s.  The sisters treated us for my birthday gift.  Thanks again Sister Diane and Sister Barbara! 

On Saturday, we dressed in our swim suits, packed a light lunch and headed to Cape Vidal (a beach).  The fun thing about the drive to the beach is that you had to drive through iSimangaliso Wetland Park.  We weren’t expecting to see many animals beyond birds, but ended up seeing quite a few.  Rhinos, hippos, zebra, lot of antelope creatures just to name a few.  It was a nice unexpected addition to the trip.  And the beach was perfect.  The park limits the number of vehicles allowed in to 120 at a time, so it wasn’t overly crowded and not commercialized at all…our kind of beach.  And we even found a little cove with water that was less than two feet for Mikayla to splash around in.  She loved riding the waves, but I think she enjoyed herself more in the little cove.  And despite being sick (she had caught a little cold from her friend the previous week), she had blast!  We headed back to the cottage we were staying in early afternoon for naps and found that Ben and I were sufficiently burned despite putting on 50 SPF sunscreen.  I guess that is what happens when you are spraying on sunscreen on the windy beach! 

St Lucia and Esabayeni 045

These guys were everywhere.  Almost like squirrels are in KY.  Mikayla loved watching them run around.

St Lucia and Esabayeni 054

St Lucia and Esabayeni 067

Mission Rock in iSimangaliso Wetland Park

St Lucia and Esabayeni 090

Running away from the waves.  As you can tell she thought this was really fun!

St Lucia and Esabayeni 107

Dung Beetles – For Steve Kickert

St Lucia and Esabayeni 124

St Lucia and Esabayeni 152

St Lucia and Esabayeni 154

St Lucia and Esabayeni 176

It is hard to read, but it says "MLK Cape Vidal".

St Lucia and Esabayeni 196

St Lucia and Esabayeni 201

These guys were actually out of the water when we got to this watering hole, but as soon as we drove up they hit the water.  This was the best shot I could get.

Speaking of our cottage, just wanted to put in a word for "The Wilds" where we stayed all weekend.  It was a self-catering place that was perfect.  They had a nice pool and play area (clubhouse, slide, etc.) for Mikayla.  The owners were friendly and helpful in our decisions on where to go and what to eat.  And the best part, unlike most self-catering places, they came in and cleaned each morning including dishes.  Perfect!  So we could cook if we wanted, but not worry about doing the dishes.  Love it!

St Lucia 2 011 - 2

This picture quality is horrible, but here is her monkey friend in the clubhouse!  This was before she noticed him.

Because of the sunburns we decided to just hang out around the cottage on Sunday.  We spent the morning playing in the pool and clubhouse.  Mikayla even had a play date with some monkeys in the clubhouse!  We ventured out for lunch at a little place that overlooked the estuary and were able to watch birds and hippos while eating our tasty meal.  That evening we headed back to the estuary and walked around the beach and lake.  Again saw some hippo heads and Mikayla even found her first few seashells.  I was a little disappointed with the lack of birds we saw, but to the birds credit we didn’t really go seeking them out either.  Maybe on our next trip!

St Lucia 2 007

Tree Pictures – An Adkins family tradition!

St Lucia 2 015

The view from the back of the cottages.

St Lucia 2 033

St Lucia 2 039

St Lucia 2 042

St Lucia 2 048

On Monday we packed up and headed home.  We had a little bit of minor car trouble, but nothing that prevented us from making a timely return.

Tuesday of course was my birthday so I laid low all day and besides laundry didn’t do much of anything.  It was a perfect way to spend the day!  Ben was even able to take off part of the day to make me a Funfetti cake!  We had bought the cake mix in SA over Christmas and Joe brought in the Rainbow chip icing when he came in January.  That evening the Sisters cooked a delicious meal of ham steaks (a rarity that they brought back from SA), noodles with a phenomenal gravy and salad.  I ate more than my fair share and after my cake I was stuffed!  I also got ot open my birthday gift from my parents and Ben – A combination blender and food processor!  We used it to make hummus on the very first day.  Love it!

The rest of the week Mikayla and I caught up on housework and play time while Ben finished last minute work stuff before his big trip to the US (he leaves on Monday for three weeks).  On Friday we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by having a special birthday dinner.  Can anyone guess what we had?  Shame on you who didn’t guess green eggs and ham!  Actually that isn’t quite true.  Since ham is hard to get here, we had greens eggs and bacon.  We also hat Cat in the Hat Pancake Stacks (banana pancakes for the white and pancakes made with strawberry Jell-O for the red), Cat in the Hat banana / fruit strip circles and Pink Yink Ink Drink from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (Sprite mixed with strawberry Jell-O powder).  Last year Mikayla wasn’t much on this meal, but this year she ate it all up!  And throughout the meal she kept quoting Dr. Seuss stories.  I love that my daughter loves Dr. Seuss as much as I do!  We loaned out our books and Horton Movie to the hostel so they could use them, so we didn’t actually read any books on Friday.  But the next couple of weeks I have a ton of activities planned for our learning time!

Dr. Seuss dinner 008

Since Ben leaves on Monday we are laying low this weekend as a family.  And in case you hadn’t heard there is a tropical cyclone (Irina) that is set to hit the coast of Mozambique this weekend which could make things interesting around here.  We will keep you posted, but there is a good chance we will be without power and phone service for the next few days.

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Then and Now–Dr. Seuss

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Last year my wonderful sister purchased a Dr. Seuss dress for Mikayla for her birthday.  We were able to order it early enough to wear while celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  I love both the dress and Dr. Seuss so it was perfect!  The dress still fit her this year so we were able to wear it again.  Look how much she has changed in the last year! 


Dr. Seuss fun 004

computer dr. seuss dress 007


random stuff 026

random stuff 027

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Belated Dr. Seuss Fun

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

March 2 was officially Dr. Seuss’s birthday, but we had a pretty crazy week so we didn’t get to complete all of our Dr. Seuss fun.  We continued some of the fun while Ben as away in Africa (you can read all about his trip here, here, here and here).  However, I am a sad to say that we did not get everything completed that I was hoping too.  Here are some of the fun activities we did get completed.

Hop On Pop – We read the book and then hopped on the bed.  She loved this and has asked to jump on the bed several more times since then.  She is almost lifting herself off the ground, but not quite!

Dr. Seuss Flash Cards – I got some at the Parent teacher store with a birthday gift card.  She isn’t really  into looking at the numbers or letters yet, but she loves throwing them around and studying them!  I also have a Dr.  Seuss letter puzzle (two actually) that we attempted to work.  Still a little young for this!

Foot Book – After reading the book (like five thousand times – she loves this one and Hop on Pop the best) we tried on different shoes.  She loves putting on mommy and daddy’s shoes.  She is even getting pretty good at putting on her rain boots all by herself. 

Thing 1 and 2 – I totally stole this idea from my friend Lara (she completed with her kindergarten students and daughter).  You paint your fingers blue and the base of your hand skin toned, smoosh it on the paper and you magically have a Thing 1 and 2 from The Cat in the Hat.  This is the only project I managed to get a picture of though!

Dr. Seuss, Atlanta 001

Mikayla chose to paint while her Thing 1 and 2 picture dried.  Here she is cheesing it up!  And yes she is not wearing a shirt, but it is easier to wash paint off of skin than it is clothes!

 Dr. Seuss, Atlanta 002

Dr. Seuss, Atlanta 003

Admiring her work, so proud of herself!

Dr. Seuss, Atlanta 004 

Dr. Seuss, Atlanta 005

Up close view of painting.  I was very pleased with how they turned out!

I am pleased to announce that Mikayla is now in love with Dr. Seuss!  She even requests her Dr. Seuss shirt over her Elmo shirt.  Every time she sees Cat in the Hat she smiles with delight.  She will even sometimes start singing Happy Birthday!  And every Dr. Seuss book is a Cat in the Hat book, not Dr. Seuss!  I love that she has inherited my love for all things Seuss!

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Mikayla’s Dr. Seuss Fun!

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

We had such a busy week, that we hardly got to do any fun Dr. Seuss activities at home last week.  So, I plan on continuing Dr. Seuss into our afternoons and evenings this week!  We did manage to squeeze in a few fun activities. 

On Tuesday evening we went to the public library for story time.  They had a special guest reader, the Cat in the Hat.  Mikayla was in love.  She kept going up to him and pulling his (but really her) leg and interrupting the story!  Then we made cat in the hat headbands and bowties.  We finished the evening off by singing Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss.  Mikayla surprisingly knows the words and started singing before everyone was ready.  Unfortunately I did not remember my camera, so I don’t have any pictures from the evening.

On Friday night Mikayla helped me make green eggs and ham and cat in the hat pancake stacks.  Mikayla and Ben also enjoyed some green egg ice cream for dessert.  We ended the evening by reading this fabulous board book version of Green Eggs and Ham.  We plan on doing some crafty stuff with Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, but we just ran out of time!

Dr. Seuss fun 020 

Mikayla helping stir the pancake mix.  Notice her serious face and pudgy belly!

 Dr. Seuss fun 022 

Green eggs and ham and cat in the hat pancake stack!

Dr. Seuss fun 024 


Dr. Seuss fun 026 

Green egg dessert treat (lime sherbet with whipped topping)!

 Dr. Seuss fun 028

Enjoying some green eggs with daddy!

On Saturday we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and had a fish themed lunch.  I was also planning on some other fun "fish" activities, but several things came up during the day and we just ran out of time!  Maybe next week we will be able to squeeze them in.

Dr. Seuss fun 032 

Fish shaped sandwich, sand (crumbled crackers), seaweed (celery), goldfish crackers, and bubbles (blueberries).  Mikayla loved it!

Dr. Seuss fun 033

Such a little cheeser!

I hope to complete some of the other Dr. Seuss activities I had planned this week, but if not we will get to them eventually!  We may just call March, Dr. Seuss Month!

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