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Mattingly Time

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

In looking back through some pictures the other night I stumbled across the pictures I took while Mikayla and I were staying with our friends Lylah and Lara.  I realized that I never posted those anywhere and they were so fun I thought I would go ahead and do it now.  Better late than never.  We had a blast on our few days with these dear friends, and Mikayla asks often when she can go back and play with Lylah and reminisces on our time there!

Mattingly time, BG 003

We had a movie night one night and Lara had this genius idea to make snack necklaces.  The girls spent time lacing different foods (i.e. fruit loops, cheerios, pretzels, gummy rings) onto string and then wore them during the movie to snack on!

Mattingly time, BG 006

Concentrating hard!

Mattingly time, BG 011

Cheesy toddler grins.

Mattingly time, BG 021

Making pizza for our movie night.  Please note that Mikayla is not really helping out, but licking her spoon!

Mattingly time, BG 023

Enjoying the movie (The Lorax) and having a picnic dinner.

Mattingly time, BG 029

One of the local farms was having a fall celebration so we hit it up.  Mikayla loved riding the horse.

Mattingly time, BG 030

Especially with her best buddy!

Mattingly time, BG 034

Aren’t they sweet?

Mattingly time, BG 043

First face painting.  She was so serious about this.

Mattingly time, BG 045

Trying to get a good picture of two toddlers is almost impossible.

Mattingly time, BG 049

Pumpkin picture fun.

Mattingly time, BG 055

Love this face!

Mattingly time, BG 059

Mom it is so heavy!

Mattingly time, BG 065

One of my favorite snaps of these two crazy girls!

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Apple Braid

Friday, November 11th, 2011

While we might not be experiencing fall like all our friends back in the states, we can still eat the occasional fall food.  I have yet to find pumpkin of any variety, but we do have apples.  So this week I set out to make a yummy apple treat.  We had dinner guests coming over for two occasions so I immediately thought of trying out an apple pie for one of them.  Then I stumbled upon this recipe for an Apple Braid.  It not only looks impressive, but was relatively simple to make and even had a nice flavor.  Plus I didn’t need to try and find a substitute for a shortening based crust.  This is something that Mikayla could even help me out with (although she was sleeping when I made it this go round).  Here is a snapshot of the finished version.  We didn’t manage to get a picture of it cut open, but imagine a delicious apple filling on the inside.

Random 009

If you want to see detailed description, pictures, and recipe for the Apple Braid click on the link above.

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A Little Fall Leaf Action

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

We don’t have very many leaves in our yard, but I wanted Mikayla to get to experience playing in fall leaves.  So, we headed north to Smiths Grove to play in the leaves with Lylah and Lara.  I think the girls had a good time, and as usual Mikayla was her typical comical self.  We ended the day with a delicious breakfast for dinner and story time at the local library.  Mikayla loved dancing around with scarves and got extremely tickled when I painted her hands to make a hand turkey. 

IMG_9597 She was so excited to play in the leaves!

IMG_9598 Whoa!

IMG_9599 Seriously, look at that expression on her face!


IMG_9605 She thought it was great fun to lay down in the leaves.

IMG_9606 Lylah, on the other hand, didn’t really understand why we were laying down in the leaves.

IMG_9607 Mikayla buried in the leaves!

IMG_9609 A failed attempt at capturing both girls sitting still, smiling and looking at the camera!

IMG_9613 A cute girl in fun fall leaves!

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Another Busy Weekend

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

We had a big weekend full of visits.  On Friday we met up with some close friends for a night of relaxation and a backyard fire.  It was great to be around friends, sit back and relax!  Three day weeks are hard! 

Ben’s mom came to town Saturday and Sunday.  While in town we hit up Jackson’s Orchard for some fall fun.  Mikayla got to go on a hayride, pick out her own pumpkin, drink some more apple cider slushies and experience the mad rush that is Jackson’s on a Saturday in October!  Then we enjoyed a nice dinner at home.  On Sunday we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  I love me some Cracker Barrel breakfast (or food in general)!

October 002 

October 004 

October 006 

October 009 Corn maze

October 011 Mikayla would grab a pumpkin and set it down.  Then go grab another pumpkin and add to the group.  This went on until I finally stopped her.  I am pretty sure she would have kept going all day.

October 031 Her stash

October 037 Posing with Grandma

October 045 Mikayla’s Uncle Tim, Aunt Chel and Grandma Kickert came along for the fun!

October 047

On Sunday, Mikayla and I hit the road to Somerset.  Way back in 2000, my high school basketball team one the Class A State Championship.  For most schools this isn’t a huge deal, but for smaller schools like SHS, it is huge!  Our high school now has a Hall of Fame and so our team was inducted into it on Sunday.  It was fun to catch up with some old ball friends and really special to have our team picture hanging just below my dad’s baseball team picture which has also been inducted in the Hall of Fame.  It was a quick trip, but a fun one.


The old team, minus a few who couldn’t make it.


Then and Now

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Last year we ventured to Jackson’s Orchard with Mikayla for some fall fun.  We found a tree and continued the Adkins tradition of tree pictures.  As with most years since I have been in BG, we traveled back to Jackson’s Orchard for some fall fun this past weekend.  I am sure we will take more trips this fall, but I thought it would be fun to compare last year’s picture with this years.  I actually stole this idea from my friend Emily!

Here is Mikayla almost exactly one year ago in the tree at Jackson’s Orchard:

2009-09-03 Jackson's Orchard 024 

2009-09-03 Jackson's Orchard 028

2009-09-03 Jackson's Orchard 041

And here she is today (well this past Saturday)!  Notice the change in hair color and length.  Crazy!

Altmaier visit and Labor Day 004 

Altmaier visit and Labor Day 007 

Altmaier visit and Labor Day 008

She has grown and changed so much!

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A Year In Review

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I am stealing this idea from my friend Dave.  I loved his post so much and thought it gave a good account for the year 2009.  What better way to ring in the new year than with a list of fun memories and pictures from the past.  Without further ado:

January – 100th day of school…Call me crazy, but I think this is one of my favorite days of school, right behind KY Derby week and Dr. Seuss week!  The kids all dress up like they are 100 and we do activities all day that revolve around the number 100.  It is crazy fun.

Christmas - New Year 098 Christmas - New Year 100

February – My birthday, what else!!  I also did a fun art project for the nursery with an old student, T-, who is kind of like an adopted son for us.

Week 32 and birthday flowers 011random 009 

March – 10 years of bliss (combined dating and married) with my wonderful husband!  He surprised me with 10 gerbera daisies (my favorite), throughout the day and even a surprise lunch.  He also put together a photo album, with a picture for each year we have been together.  There was also a sweet visit from Catherine mixed in there.  We had fun just hanging out, driving around forever trying to find a place to get a pedicure, and then painting pottery.  It was a great last hurrah before Mikayla was born!


April – The birth of my dear sweet Mikayla…enough said!

Mikayla 053Mikayla 011_MG_0289_ed

May – Ben graduated from seminary…Hallelujah!  Three years of no social life, lonely nights on the couch (me) and endless hours of studying (him) were officially over.  I don’t know who was more excited, me or him?

grad june 008

June – Lots of mini road trips and first meetings for Mikayla.  We traveled to Somerset where she met her great grandparents and adopted grandma (Cindy Kerr).  Then on to Mayfield, Kentucky to meet Mignon, another great grandmother.  Finally, a trip to Kentucky Lake to meet the extended Kickert clan (great Aunts and Uncles and second cousins).  It was an exhausting month, but a lot of fun!  She also met T- and his brother, M- (see February for more information on these two)!

grad june 045grad june 044 grad june 043  June 2008 0142009-07-04 Kickert and Simmons visit 027 2009-07-04 Kickert and Simmons visit 035 2009-07-04 Kickert and Simmons visit 049

July – I finished up my “internship” at the Kelly Autism Program which meant I finished my Rank I (no more school for me)…Can I get another Hallelujah? Sorry no pictures of this for the month, but here is one of Mikayla!  This is her classic pouty face!


August – Adventures in Baking and back to school.  I spent a lot of time in August cooking. Homemade pizza, salsa, okra stew, stuffed jalapenos, and a first attempt at sushi just to name a few.  It was hard to leave Mikayla at the beginning of August and head back to school but we managed.  Ben did such a good job of taking care of her, even if he did try to cook her!

2009-08 August 0012009-08-23 August 047 2009-08-23 August 015 

September – September was a slow month for me.  I worked and when I wasn’t working I was spending time with my family.  I guess you could say the most exciting thing about the month was developing my love for BabyLegs.  Hey, I told you it was a slow month!

2009-10-13 legwarmers 002

October – Smokey Mountain fun with the Altmaiers and celebrating my five year wedding anniversary with Ben.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, these are some of the best friends a girl could ask for.  We have known them for so long and it never fails, with each visit, we just pick right up where we left off.  There is no awkwardness at all.  We could go weeks without communicating and then jump right back in when we do.  They are our go to couple when having a marital dispute and more like family than friends!  Seriously, it doesn’t get much better!  This is perhaps one of my favorite months of the past year.  Fall + Great Friends + Five years of wedded bliss = A great month!



November – Another slow month, not much to report besides Thanksgiving.  We had a great time visiting with both sides of the family and ate until we could eat no more.

 2009-12-05 Thanksgiving, tree, bacon 004

December – My favorite thing about December was starting new traditions with my little family.  We decorated the tree, opened stockings, drank hot cocoa, took pictures, ate some Chinese, and enjoyed some wine.  It was a great way to end the year.  Oh and those yummy cinnamon rolls!

2009-12-05 Thanksgiving, tree, bacon 0182009-12-25 Christmas 126 2009-12-25 Christmas 137 2009-12-25 Christmas 166 2009-12-25 Christmas 032

I hope that 2010 brings as much fun, excitement and joy as 2009 did!  Happy New Years everyone.


10 Things I Love About Fall

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Out of all four seasons, fall is by far my favorite.  It has been since I can remember.  There are so many great things about fall, here are ten of my favorites!

  1. Apple Orchards – Growing up I would go pick apples with my grandma at Haney’s and grab and apple pie.  Now that I live in Bowling Green I like to frequent Jackson’s Orchard for an apple cider slush, apple pie, and great fall atmosphere!
  2. Pumpkins and Halloween parties – For the last three or four years Ben and I have hosted a Halloween party.  We aren’t very social people, but this has come to be something our friends expect each year.  We have contests for the best costumes and we even have a pumpkin carving contest.  Last year the carving was kind of a dud for several reasons, but we hope to pick it back up this year.
  3. Fall leaves – I love the colors that fall brings:  reds, oranges, yellows…they are all so great.  I like to watch them change on the trees and then float to the ground.  One of the best sounds in the world is walking along on a leaf covered path and hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet.  So peaceful!  And believe it or not, I actually enjoy raking leaves.  Too bad our wimpy trees don’t have enough to warrant raking!
  4. Apples – Caramel apples, applecake, apple muffins, apple pie…the list could go on forever!  Each year at school we have an apple unit and for the culmination we have an Apple Celebration.  Each family is invited to send in their favorite apple dish and then we have a taste test with the kids.  It is so much fun to see all the creativity and taste the deliciousness.
  5. Weather – Cool and crisp…not too cool like in the winter and not too crisp like on really windy days, but just perfect.  Perfect for long walks with my puppy and my baby!  Perfect for afternoon and evening rounds of disc golf with my husband and friends.
  6. Fires in the backyard – We haven’t had our fire pit for very long (I think right at a year), but fires on a fall night our the best.  I have just recently rediscovered my love for smores, but only if Ben makes them for me!
  7. Fall Food – Chili and Thanksgiving food are two of my favorites.  I could eat a big bowl of homemade chili almost every night in the fall.  And don’t get me started on Thanksgiving food:  mashed potatoes and gravy, veggie casseroles, rolls, pumpkin pie…just around the corner and my tummy is already starting to rumble!
  8. K-Scope Showcases – I love watching what kids can create when given a positive outlet to do so.  Kaleidoscope showcases never let me down!
  9. Fall Break – I love my job for many reasons, but one in particular is the many breaks I get throughout the year, fall break being one of them.  This year we are heading to the Smokey Mountains with some good friends of ours and I can’t wait!  Leaves, crisp weather, good food and wonderful friends all combined together.  Does life get any better?
  10. Fall memories – Some of my favorite memories took place in the fall season.  In college it was somewhat of a tradition for Ben and I, along with a couple of friends to take road trips to various places.  Two of my favorites were the road trips we took to Baton Rouge and Maine over fall break.  They were long car rides (which I probably wouldn’t be very good at today), but well worth it in the end!  In high school many of my friends played soccer (a fall sport in Kentucky).  I have many fond memories of sitting bundled up in a blanket cheering them on!

What are your favorite fall moments?  I will end with some favorite fall pictures:

Jackson's Orchard Fall 2009

Jackson's Orchard Fall 2009

Favorite Halloween Costume - Cave People Fall 2007

Favorite Halloween Costume - Cave People Fall 2007

Jackson's Orchard Fall 2008

Jackson's Orchard Fall 2008

Another look at our costume Fall 2007

Another look at our costume Fall 2007