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Family and Friend Photo Book

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

This project took much longer than it should have and some of the pictures are really old, but I still think Mikayla will love to look at it when we move this summer! Click on Photobook below if you are interested in looking through it.


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A Candy Themed Party

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

When Mikayla turned one I knew I wanted to throw a cupcake themed party.  We did and it was fun!  This year I was wavering between a Dr. Seuss birthday party and a Candy Themed birthday party.  When I gave Ben the options he immediately decided it had to be candy!  So candy it was…lots and lots of candy!

All I have to say is:  Candy + Lots of friends and family (minus some really special ones who couldn’t make it) + a very special little girl = the best 2 year old birthday party ever!  Thanks everyone for making it such fun.  I hope we didn’t have too many upset tummies last night!  Here are some picture highlights of the day.

2nd birthday party 003

The candy bar set up!  I was pretty proud of this, minus the bows I did all of this on my own!  The pictures are of her at birth, one year and then two years.

2nd birthday party 009

Candy sushi made by Ben and myself.

2nd birthday party 011

We had everyone write special notes to Mikayla for her third birthday since all our friends and family will be here.

2nd birthday party 012

The dip table plus cupcakes (Funfetti of course).

2nd birthday party 022

2nd birthday party 024

The cupcake smash, similar to last year but funnier!

2nd birthday party 032

Here are some very special party guests.

2nd birthday party 015


2nd birthday party 029


2nd birthday party 030

Lauren and Crystal

2nd birthday party 034


2nd birthday party 035

Ali and Jeff

2nd birthday party 037

Brittany and John David, notice Mikayla sharing her gummy worm

2nd birthday party 038

Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Tim plus Baby Taylor

2nd birthday party 040


2nd birthday party 042

Dacia and Terry

2nd birthday party 043


2nd birthday party 045

Uncle Christopher and Aunt Sarah

2nd birthday party 046

The Goodmans minus Caleb and Paige

2nd birthday party 049

All the kids

2nd birthday party 072

The fabulous dress made by Dacia Shoemaker!  Everyone should have a dress this beautiful!

The evening ended with a little party in the bathtub!

2nd birthday party 075

Thanks again to everyone who came out to celebrate our special little girls 2nd birthday!

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