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Girls Only Trip

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I am making several posts tonight for several reasons.

1. I have some spare time and Ben is out of town.

2. I haven’t had much to say until recently.

3. I have been super busy trying to get in last minute visits with friends and family, see places I want to see before the big move, and prepping for the big move. We leave in about a month, July 19 to be exact. I haven’t posted much about it because I have been busy trying to prep our house and lives so that we are prepared for it. That seemed more important than blogging about all the details we were dealing with! Once the move is complete I hope to post more about the process and all the fun stuff.

With that being said, last week Mikayla and I took a girls only trip with our dear friends Lara and Lylah.  For Mikayla’s birthday they gave her a trip to the zoo.  So, we packed up our bags and headed to Lara’s parent’s house in Indiana, just outside of Evansville.  We spent Wednesday afternoon and evening swimming in their fantastic pool, eating a delicious grilled steak and salmon meal prepared by her dad and vegging on the couch catching up.  On Thursday we braved the heat and headed to the Evansville Zoo.  The girls had a blast and actually outlasted their mothers.  The heat got to us before they were tired of seeing the animals and playing.  It was a great trip!  Thanks Lylah and Lara for the awesome birthday gift!

Early June and VBS guide 034 

Early June and VBS guide 036 

Early June and VBS guide 038 

My little water bug!  She was pushing me away so she could swim "on her own".

Early June and VBS guide 039 

Two little cuties!

Early June and VBS guide 041 

Ms. Sassy Pants herself.

Early June and VBS guide 043 

Grilling time.

Early June and VBS guide 045 

Early June and VBS guide 048 

Checking out the animals.

Early June and VBS guide 050 

Early June and VBS guide 052 

Early June and VBS guide 055 

Lylah was a champ when it came to feeding the giraffes…

Early June and VBS guide 059 

Mikayla on the other hand was a bit timid.  I am blaming it on the duck incident from the week before!

Early June and VBS guide 065 

Early June and VBS guide 068 

Early June and VBS guide 071

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Strawberries and Ducks

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

A couple weeks ago we took our strawberry loving girl to a local strawberry patch to pick some berries.  We didn’t last long though because I forgot the sunscreen and it was blazing hot, nonetheless it was a great trip!  She was a great hunter and was able to spot berries faster than Ben or I!

Early June and VBS guide 001 

Early June and VBS guide 003

We also took a trip to a local park filled with ducks.  We took a loaf of bread and after a quick picnic lunch began the feeding frenzy.

Early June and VBS guide 025 

Early June and VBS guide 028 

Early June and VBS guide 029 

Early June and VBS guide 030 

Early June and VBS guide 031

Mikayla had fun feeding the ducks at first and then one duck bit her as she was trying to hand feed it.  After that she didn’t want to feed the ducks anymore.

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Put Me In Coach A

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Dear Coach A (AKA Poppy),

I am ready to play ball with the big girls.  Please put me in?  I think I could start guard!  So what do you think?  Will you put me in Coach?



August 2010 010

See I can steal the ball and run off with it!

August 2010 007Bending down low to make my move!

August 2010 009

I even have the hard moves down…triple threat baby!

August 2010 012Look at my form, almost perfect!

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Two weekend recap

Monday, August 30th, 2010

We have had a pretty busy last two weekends in the Kickert household.  Two weeks ago we headed to Somerset to celebrate Ben’s 10 year high school reunion.  It is hard to believe that he graduated ten years ago and this time next year I will be celebrating my ten year reunion.  To celebrate they had a quant picnic at a park where everyone brought their spouses and kids.  They had a inflatable water slide set up for the kids and delicious food to munch on.  We even got to enjoy the swings in between the rain showers.  Mikayla had a blast playing in the puddles and observing all the new faces at the picnic.  Even though I knew only a handful of people it was still fun.

**Sorry, I didn’t get any shots of the reunion!  I was too busy chasing Mikayla around and Ben was too busy socializing!

We went from there to Louisville where a dear friend of mine from college got married.  It was sort of a college reunion because so many of our friends from WKU were there.  I got to see my bible study leader from college (who made a huge impact on my life), who recently found out she was pregnant and of course a lot of the Bemis HOT-ties, as Merideth called us!  Plus a few other faces from my WKU days.  The strange thing was that most of us had kids in tow, kids at the sitter or kids on the way.  Crazy how quickly things change!

August 2010 001 

Attempt of self-portrait by Ben

August 2010 003

HOT-ties with the beautiful bride!

August 2010 006

This past weekend was a little bit more slow paced as we stuck around BG.  On Saturday, Mikayla and I headed to the farmer’s market for a yummy pancake breakfast and to pick up veggies for the week.  In the afternoon we joined our friends Lara and Lylah at the park for a picnic and some fun in the sun.  It was HOT, but the girls were troopers and played hard.  I think the mommies were ready to go before they were!

August 2010 034

Such a big girl on the merry go round!

August 2010 022

Ahoy matey!

August 2010 024

Two sweaty babies, looking more like big girls than babies!

August 2010 026

Come on Lylah, it’s really fun in here!”

August 2010 030

August 2010 033

My attempt at a self-portrait, also unsuccessful!

After church on Sunday, we spent another day in the sun watching the BG Hot Rods.  Again, Mikayla had a blast (as she does most places) watching people and running around.  I think she takes after her Great Pops in his people watching!August 2010 040

The men trying to catch a foul ball.

August 2010 037

Crawling away from mommy!

August 2010 038

Chilling at the game!

All in all it has been a busy, but fun last couple of weekends.  This weekend will be the same as the Altmaiers travel to BG AND I get an extra day off of work.  Thank you Labor Day!!

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Redneck Baby

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Not only do we allow our daughter to walk around the yard in nothing but a diaper and rain boots, but we also let her ride the lawn mower with daddy.  That’s right folks, we are redneck family at heart!  (Please take note of the slide in the middle of the garden!)

August 2010 015Don’t let me fall dad, it looks scary!

  August 2010 017 I think Ben was explaining why the lawn mower sounded so loud!

August 2010 018 Fun times with daddy!

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Partying Like It’s Her Birthday!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Last weekend Mikayla’s good buddy turned one!  So we headed north to join her in the beach themed pool party!  We had a blast.  Thanks Lylah for including us in your special day!

 August2010 031 How fun is this birthday cake?  It was a crab ice cream cake!

August2010 032Mikayla was all tuckered out after the festivities, she fell right to sleep! 

On our way home we stopped to see some friends we hadn’t seen in over a year.  We had a great visit, and the girls even got some play time in before we hit the road home.  It was a fast weekend, but one packed with fun and friends!  These two are only two months apart.  It is hard to believe how much they can change in just two months time.

August2010 033 

She was teaching Mikayla the “easy way” to get on the couch! 

August2010 035 

Showing off their bellies.

August2010 036

Playing with the creepy baby doll. 

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Fun With Chalk

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I love Target’s dollar aisle, and I know I am not the only one.  They have a lot of quality fun packed into a few simple aisles.  Take for example the Dr. Seuss loot I racked up on a few weeks ago.  Love it! 

Well, while shopping there the other day I ran across a small container of sidewalk chalk.  Since Mikayla has started getting into coloring, I thought she might like some chalk.  And she did!  The first day we played outside with it for almost an hour.  She didn’t even want to quit to eat!  She was so cute too, trying to imitate all my little drawings.  Check her out in all her cuteness, and please note that my camera wasn’t foggy, it was just that humid outside!

August2010 001 

August2010 003

August2010 013 

August2010 014 

August2010 011

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Field Trip #8

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I am a slacker and didn’t get to blog about our eighth and final summer field trip before school started.  Our grand summer finale was spent at Barren River Lake “Beach” with Lara, Lylah, Emily and Bella.  The girls (Lylah, Bella and Mikayla) had a blast, and so did their mommy’s!  The water was a little yucky, but what lake water isn’t really?

Mikayla is such a dare devil when it comes to water, that she didn’t even really want to hold my hand as she waded through.  When she would occasionally fall down, she would just sit and laugh.  She loves to crack herself up!  Here are some snapshots of the day.  Lara got a great one of all the girls, so I will have to try and steal that one!

August2010 019 Mikayla was a big help pushing Lylah along, that is until the ground got too hot for her!

 August2010 021   August2010 024After she fell down and was cracking up.  Notice the big scrape on her cheek, this is when she was playing with the big kids during our slumber party.  She thought she was bigger than she was!

  August2010 026 

August2010 027 August2010 028Staple mommy and daughter picture, just ignore my pasty legs!

I am sad that our summer vacation together has ended, but I know Ben is excited to resume his daddy time with Mikayla.

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Field Trip #7

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

We missed two weeks of field trips because Mikayla was with her grandparents and we were in Swaziland.  But with summer drawing to a close we took one of our last few field trips this week with the Goodman’s and Shoemaker’s.  We headed to Jackson’s Orchard, one of my favorite places in Bowling Green.  Mikayla has gone there several times in the fall, but this was our first summer experience.  It was relatively quiet, we were actually one of the few people to brave the heat and man was it hot!  We didn’t last very long, but she sure had fun while we were there.  We ate a picnic lunch, played in a plastic house, went down some huge slides and played with the goats.  We even grabbed some peaches and shared an apple cider slush.  It was a great day with my Little Miss!

Jacksons and Slumber party 005 Come on mom, I am ready to go play!

Jacksons and Slumber party 007 Ready to eat lunch.

Jacksons and Slumber party 009 She was not too thrilled with taking a picture together, she just wanted to play.

Jacksons and Slumber party 012 Looking at the goats with the big kids!

Jacksons and Slumber party 013 Bye bye goats.

Jacksons and Slumber party 014 Concentration face…

Jacksons and Slumber party 017

Feeding the goats some weeds.

Jacksons and Slumber party 023 Lots of stairs to climb so we could slide.

Jacksons and Slumber party 021  Wee…big hot slide!

We have one more field trip planned for the summer and then I must head back to work.  It sure is going to be hard to leave Mikayla everyday after the fun summer we have had!

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Swaziland so far…

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

We are still doing well here in Swaziland.  It has been quite the blur, but things are going well.  I am tired, but we have met some really amazing people.  We have tonight to just relax and chill for a few hours with just each other, which will be nice.  Here are just a few highlights from our journey along the way.

1. African wild game – We got invited to a brae the other night complete with impala and warthog.  The impala was good (similar to steak but a lot tastier).  The warthog was okay, but not my favorite.  It tasted like smoked pork with a lot more fat.

2. Coffee and tea – These seem to be regular staples around here.  You go into a home or place of business and are immediately offered coffee and tea.  I actually had four cups of coffee today!  Quite different from in the states.  However, the coffee is mostly instant (which is actually another first for me – and not a huge fan!).  There have been a few stops along the way to have French press coffee, and that is a welcomed change.   The family we stayed with last night had French press coffee and it was fantastic!

Africa 046Mmm…so much better than the instant stuff! 

3.  Tourists – When looking back at the camera today of pictures we have taken thus far I realized something…we haven’t snapped a lot of pictures.  I think this is because we haven’t felt like tourists, it just feels so natural to be here.  It is very strange to be in a foreign country, a days travel from your home and not feel like a tourist (or outsider).

4.  People – The people here are amazing.  So hospitable and friendly and relaxed.  The pace of life is much less stressful and busy than the USA.  There are also a lot of Expats here in Swaziland.  We have met a lot of people from the UK and Canada while visiting various places.  Speaking of people, while at a school the other day I was introduced to a princess who attends the school.  Kind of random, but fun!  We also met a pastor (who we were intending to meet with later in the week) and he asked us if we wanted to go to lunch.  We agreed and along the way somehow ended up on a safari with him!  Crazy!

5.  Pineapple – Did you know that pineapple grow on a bush thing and not a tree?  I didn’t until just yesterday when we drove past fields of pineapple plants.  Quite fascinating.

6.  Homesteads – Poverty here is much different than elsewhere.  It doesn’t show up in the center of cities like in most places or even in the towns.  Most people live on homesteads across the rural area (mud huts and subsistence living).  A homestead is a small plot of land where an extended family all live together.  So rather than having villages they have scattered homesteads. 

We head home in a week.  It is crazy to think a week has already gone by.  Here are a couple of photos.

Africa 006 

Nothing like an avocado tree growing in your backyard!

Africa 029 

Bulembu Sunset

Africa 038 

Africa 060 

Africa 066

Roof of an open grass hut.  Regular huts are constructed from mud, stone and sticks with this type of roof. 

Africa 073 

Africa 055

Isn’t it beautiful? 

Africa 063

Random toilet paper holder…wouldn’t you love to have one of these in your bathroom?

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