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Mikayla’s Birth Story – 16 months later

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Mikayla is now sixteen months old and is growing like a weed.  We can hardly even call her a baby anymore.  I have intended to sit down and write out her birth story for some time now (sixteen months to be exact) and just haven’t found the time.  I actually started writing this when Mikayla was two months old and never finished!  Such the procrastinator. 

I am writing this more for me than anyone, but wanted to have some sort of record of it.  Disclaimer:  This might get a little too personal for some so please read with caution!  Ok here it goes.

My last day of work was Friday, April 24.  My kiddos and I celebrated by having a Popsicle and Play party before the day ended.  It was a perfect way to end the year (at least end my year)!  Monday was my first official day of Maternity Leave.  I spent the day finishing up my class work for my Rank I class.  By the afternoon I had finished up my class and was "ready to play"!  Ben and I cooked a nice dinner and then went for a long walk with Shiloh.  We hung around the house for a bit and then decided we would go rent a movie.  We then headed into town to rent a movie, making a quick stop at Kroger for some essentials.  I decided I had to have a bean burrito from Taco Bell so that was our second stop.  Unfortunately, when we arrived at the Bell, they were out of refried beans.  How does a Mexican restaurant run out of beans?  I mean really, but that is a completely different post.  Disappointed, I decided I would settle for a double cheeseburger and fries from McDonalds where we were picking up our Red Box.  Don’t judge, I was nine months pregnant and hungry!

We got back to the house and started watching our movie around 10:00.  I know what you guys are thinking, man that is late for you Beth!  Let me back up for a minute and explain why I was "up so late".  You see, being nine months pregnant does not allow for comfortable sleeping.  I had actually been napping a lot better than I had been sleeping at night.  So, Ben and I had made the decision to stay up late until I was completely exhausted and then go to bed.  I was planning on napping the next day.  Well, Little Miss Mikayla had different plans for us, much different.

Ok, back to the story.  Around 11 I started feeling this pressure in my lower abdomen.  It came and went about every 10-15 minutes.  At this point I was like "This could be contractions, maybe I should say something to Ben".  I shifted positions and tried to ignore them.  However, they kept coming back.  I mentioned them to Ben and he suggested I take a shower.  In the shower the "contractions" seemed to disappear.  So we decided to try and head to bed.  I went to the bathroom one last time and noticed quite a bit of blood when I wiped.  This of course freaked me out so we picked up the phone to call the doctor (it was late 1:30 or so).  He said it sounded completely normal, but we should head into the hospital to check it out just to make sure.

We gathered our bags and headed into the hospital.  We tried to be nonchalant about it because we didn’t want them to stick me in a wheel chair (that is policy for after hours women in labor).  We didn’t really think we were even in labor.  We made it up to labor and delivery, convinced we would have to head home.  They hooked me up to the monitor and sure enough I was having contractions every few minutes, who knew?  We hung out for awhile, worked through some contractions, watched a little Friends, made some phone calls to family to let them know what was going on, and tried to relax.

Mikayla 001      Trying to relax a little in between contractions.  This was post-epidural!

Along the way I had a special visitor come in for the duration of our labor.  A student of mine had a mom who was a labor and delivery nurse.  She told me to call when we went into labor if she wasn’t at the hospital, so when we got there I made the call.  Unfortunately, it was her day off!  However,  she was so generous to donate her time and come in and sit by our sides for the entire process.  She was a huge blessing.  She was able to talk to us a friend and nurse at the same time.  She, along with Ben, talked me through the contractions, encouraged me during pushing and hold my hand along the way.  I am not sure where we would have had as smooth of a delivery if she hadn’t been around!

At this point I was only dilated 3 cm or so.  We stayed this way for quite some time.  At some point my water broke and the contractions became so unbearable I decided to go ahead and get the epidural.  AMAZING!  At first it didn’t work out to well, only numbing me on one side.  However after a few small modifications, like laying on my side, things started working pretty well.  I was even able to make a few more phone calls.  Two I remember well were to my long term sub to check on my kiddos and the other to our secretary at school to pass the word along about my progress.  We were moving right along.  A few hours passed and still hadn’t made much progress.  Dr. D came in and suggested we start a little Pitocin to speed things up.  We did and this helped.  At this point things speeded up quickly.  At one point I remember a nurse coming and checking to see how far along I was, which was 9cm.  She left and by the time she left the room I told Ben I felt like I needed to push.  He quickly retrieved the nurse and sure enough it was time.

We pushed for around fifteen minutes and then heard the words, "It’s a girl".  Ben cut the cord and I heard our baby cry for the first time.  It was the sweetest cry in the world!  These past sixteen months have been a whirlwind of emotions!  We have laughed, cried, played, and most of loved our little bundle!

Mikayla 002

My first time holding and seeing my daughter.  Side note – the lady in the yellow shirt was the off duty nurse who came in to support us!

Mikayla 053

One of our first pictures together!

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Pigtails revisted

Monday, August 30th, 2010

As you may recall, in this post I initiated Mikayla with pigtails.  There was some debate about whether or not she could actually sport them.  However, in less than three months I would say that pigtails suit her just fine.  Check her out!

May 31, 2010

August 2010 039

August 29, 2010 

It is amazing to me how much her hair has grown in just a short amount of time.  Just imagine what it will be like at Halloween, and Christmas??

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Two weekend recap

Monday, August 30th, 2010

We have had a pretty busy last two weekends in the Kickert household.  Two weeks ago we headed to Somerset to celebrate Ben’s 10 year high school reunion.  It is hard to believe that he graduated ten years ago and this time next year I will be celebrating my ten year reunion.  To celebrate they had a quant picnic at a park where everyone brought their spouses and kids.  They had a inflatable water slide set up for the kids and delicious food to munch on.  We even got to enjoy the swings in between the rain showers.  Mikayla had a blast playing in the puddles and observing all the new faces at the picnic.  Even though I knew only a handful of people it was still fun.

**Sorry, I didn’t get any shots of the reunion!  I was too busy chasing Mikayla around and Ben was too busy socializing!

We went from there to Louisville where a dear friend of mine from college got married.  It was sort of a college reunion because so many of our friends from WKU were there.  I got to see my bible study leader from college (who made a huge impact on my life), who recently found out she was pregnant and of course a lot of the Bemis HOT-ties, as Merideth called us!  Plus a few other faces from my WKU days.  The strange thing was that most of us had kids in tow, kids at the sitter or kids on the way.  Crazy how quickly things change!

August 2010 001 

Attempt of self-portrait by Ben

August 2010 003

HOT-ties with the beautiful bride!

August 2010 006

This past weekend was a little bit more slow paced as we stuck around BG.  On Saturday, Mikayla and I headed to the farmer’s market for a yummy pancake breakfast and to pick up veggies for the week.  In the afternoon we joined our friends Lara and Lylah at the park for a picnic and some fun in the sun.  It was HOT, but the girls were troopers and played hard.  I think the mommies were ready to go before they were!

August 2010 034

Such a big girl on the merry go round!

August 2010 022

Ahoy matey!

August 2010 024

Two sweaty babies, looking more like big girls than babies!

August 2010 026

Come on Lylah, it’s really fun in here!”

August 2010 030

August 2010 033

My attempt at a self-portrait, also unsuccessful!

After church on Sunday, we spent another day in the sun watching the BG Hot Rods.  Again, Mikayla had a blast (as she does most places) watching people and running around.  I think she takes after her Great Pops in his people watching!August 2010 040

The men trying to catch a foul ball.

August 2010 037

Crawling away from mommy!

August 2010 038

Chilling at the game!

All in all it has been a busy, but fun last couple of weekends.  This weekend will be the same as the Altmaiers travel to BG AND I get an extra day off of work.  Thank you Labor Day!!

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Redneck Baby

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Not only do we allow our daughter to walk around the yard in nothing but a diaper and rain boots, but we also let her ride the lawn mower with daddy.  That’s right folks, we are redneck family at heart!  (Please take note of the slide in the middle of the garden!)

August 2010 015Don’t let me fall dad, it looks scary!

  August 2010 017 I think Ben was explaining why the lawn mower sounded so loud!

August 2010 018 Fun times with daddy!

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These Boots Are Made for Walking

Friday, August 20th, 2010

At a yard sale last weekend my mom picked up some bumblebee rain boots for Mikayla and my niece Taylor (in the future).  I wasn’t crazy about them at first (I had picked out a pair of pink ones to purchase which are still too big), but once we got them home, Mikayla loved them!  She wears them around the house all the time.  Of course, she would be cute in anything she puts on (wink, wink)!

August 2010 020 

Already such an artist!

August 2010 025

She looks mischievous, doesn’t she? 

August 2010 027 

August 2010 028 

August 2010 029

Seriously, it doesn’t get much cuter than rain boots and cloth diapers!!

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Operation Remove the Pacifier

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

That’s right, we started Pacifier Boot Camp in our house this week.  Surprisingly Mikayla is taking it a like a champ.  The first night I think she thought we just forgot and went on to sleep after crying for only a few minutes.  The next night she cried for 15-20 before falling asleep.  Last night was a little trickier because she is teething as well.  However, tonight she didn’t even make a sound.  She was either really tired (although Ben said she took a really long nap today) or doesn’t mind too much not having her pacifier! 

Yesterday was really funny though.  She had gone to a friends house for a few hours and must have seen Ben stick her pacifier into the diaper bag because all night she kept going over to it and pointing.  When she finally figured out how to get it out of the bag she  was so funny.  It was like she had found her long lost friend and wouldn’t let it out of her sight the rest of the night!  I wish I had gotten some pictures or video.  All in all though, I would say we are successfully removing the pacifier!

2009-12-25 Christmas 013Mikayla with short, dark hair (Decemberish) and her ever loved pacifier getting into to no good!

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New Favorite

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I don’t watch a lot of TV.  I would actually rather goof around on the computer or watch TV on DVD with Ben.  However, as of late I have started enjoying a show on TLC called Cake Boss.  If you have never watched or heard of it, you should watch some of the clips here.  Seriously, the cakes they create are amazing!  They almost look fake they are so good.  He comes up with some crazy ideas, but they work!  For example, for his wife’s birthday they made a life-size cake of her.  It was incredible!  Check it out, that’s all!  Mikayla thinks you should too!

August2010 039

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My Little Thief

Friday, August 13th, 2010

In case you missed the video Ben posted of Mikayla the other day, here it is.  We had gone to Sonic for an after dinner treat and she stole my milkshake!

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Too Cute Not to Post

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

I caught Mikayla and Shiloh gazing out the window the other day and it was just so cute.  I am glad Shiloh plays nicely with Mikayla (or at least tolerates her).  Mikayla has really been into kissing lately and she especially loves to give the dog smooches!

August2010 029

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Partying Like It’s Her Birthday!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Last weekend Mikayla’s good buddy turned one!  So we headed north to join her in the beach themed pool party!  We had a blast.  Thanks Lylah for including us in your special day!

 August2010 031 How fun is this birthday cake?  It was a crab ice cream cake!

August2010 032Mikayla was all tuckered out after the festivities, she fell right to sleep! 

On our way home we stopped to see some friends we hadn’t seen in over a year.  We had a great visit, and the girls even got some play time in before we hit the road home.  It was a fast weekend, but one packed with fun and friends!  These two are only two months apart.  It is hard to believe how much they can change in just two months time.

August2010 033 

She was teaching Mikayla the “easy way” to get on the couch! 

August2010 035 

Showing off their bellies.

August2010 036

Playing with the creepy baby doll. 

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