April 7th, 2012

Have I mentioned on here before how funny my child can be?  Seriously, sometimes she says things and I wonder where she gets them.  Here are some of her recent "funny" statements that she says regularly.

"I’m sorry…I forgive you" – From the time she could start talking we encouraged her to apologize and ask for forgiveness when she had done something wrong.  Somehow it has turned into the above statement where she says she is sorry and then that she forgives you instead of asking for forgiveness!

"My Jie-Nuh" – We had a friend in Bowling Green who worked with sexual abuse victims and she always told us we should use the correct wording for private parts in case they were ever sexually abused it would hold up in court.  This is what Mikayla calls hers.

"Actually" – You have to hear her say this one because she enunciates it so well.  She will say this if she thinks we are wrong (Actually mommy…) or if she doesn’t want to do something (Actually we are going to…).  The word itself isn’t that funny, but the way she says it is!

"Oh Toodles and Super Cheers" – This has stemmed from her love of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (which is what we have decided to theme her third birthday party in case you were wondering).  She goes around saying them all the time.  Even at meal time sometimes she will have has clink our food together and say super cheers.

"Excused by the table" – She uses this one when she wants to get up from the table.  It is supposed to be "Excused from the table". 

"I-an-a-de-a" (idea) – This one is perhaps my favorite.  She gets so excited when she says this one.  This comes up when we ask her what we should do and she responds with "I’ve got an ianadea!".

"Humping" (hunting) – I am not sure how this one came about, but she says this often when we are outside and she wants to look for something.  I will ask her what she is doing and she will respond with "I am humping for leaves".

"Park and Play" – Ben says this is his favorite Mikayla statement.  If we are driving down the road and she sees a playground she will scream ‘There’s a park and play".  It seemed like an odd thing to call it until we realized we often asker her if she want to go to the park and play She now thinks that is what they are called!  Friends that ride into town with us comment on it every time she says it when we pass parks.  So funny.

"Boing-A-Hop" – I think she got this one from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but when she wants to jump (particularly on our bed) she says, "Let’s go Boing-A-Hop".  So cute!

"Sometimes, but not two times" – If you ask Mikayla a question (i.e. Do you like this?) she will respond with "Sometimes, but not two times".  I think what she means is that she likes it sometimes, but not all of the time.  Still, her choice of wording is funny to me!

I really wanted to include a funny picture of Mikayla here but couldn’t find one I liked, so I am leaving it picture less!

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3 Responses to “Mikayla’s Funny Statements”

  1. rita kickert says:

    so funny, we hate missing these day to day things,, but . . . we got our money for plane tickets set aside.

  2. Katie says:

    I love this post!! She’s too cute.

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