March 27th, 2012

A year ago today we said goodbye to one of the sweetest girls.  Ms. Bella Shoemaker has been dearly missed in the last year, but her legacy lives on.


When we swing, we talk about Bella and how much she loved to swing.

When I am laughing and playing with Mikayla I think of Bella and her beautiful smile and contagious laughter.  I can still envision her laughing each time she would "toot" on someone  or how she would take her chopsticks and slide them through her hands over and over again!  She was an amazing young lady who taught us all about how to fully embrace life and live with courage!

So today Mikayla is wearing a hand me down dress worn by Bella and we randomly say one of her favorite phrases:  Eat Up a Toe!


Her wonderful mother and my dear friend has recently started a non-profit in memory of Bella.  It is uniquely named (unique like Bella) The Eat Up a Toe Foundation, Inc. .  How appropriate!  She is raising money to help aid families who are battling cancer in their child.  She is amazing just like her daughter was!

They are having a fundraiser for the foundation on April 28 in Bowling Green – Spring Swing and Fling.  Check out their FB page for more details or do a Google search!


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