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Mikayla and Daddy go on a Photo Walk

September 14th, 2013 3 comments

DD Photagraphy 279

We are about to start a very busy month here at Cabrini.  We have a Medical Team coming in from Australia next week.  We close out a grant year at the end of September.  All of our major annual programming reports are due in the first couple weeks of October. And, we have a quarterly board meeting along with a strategic planning session scheduled.  On top of all that, we are doing a major database upgrade that includes launching a new system to keep up with all of our recent work in Social Services.  Needless to say, my spare time is going to be limited and my stress level will probably be a bit higher.

In light of the upcoming weeks, I wanted to make sure I spent some intentional time with Beth, Mikayla and Max.  So today, while Beth and Max were at a meeting, Mikayla and I went out into the bush behind our house to do a "Photo Walk." 

DD Photagraphy 285

DD Photagraphy 260


Mikayla’s ability to actually compose a picture in the viewfinder has only developed in the last couple weeks.  Before that, she would just indiscriminately press the shudder button regardless of what the camera was actually point out.  Considering that, her skills now are pretty impressive.  All of the pictures below came from Mikayla.  Not to shabby at all if you ask me.  I think some of her flower pictures are amazing by anyone’s standard!

 DD Photography 330

DD Photography 333

DD Photography 339

DD Photography 353

DD Photography 357

DD Photography 362

DD Photography 370

DD Photography 375

DD Photography 380

DD Photography 386

DD Photography 389

DD Photography 390

DD Photography 395

DD Photography 398

DD Photography 405

DD Photography 409

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Family Pictures

July 5th, 2013 No comments

UPDATE: I made this blog post into a page so I can add more pictures along the way.  Please visit to access the new pictures.

I wanted to upload a few high resolution photos in case people in the states wanted to get them printed.  You will need to click on the ones you want to get the full size image and then save it and get it printed where ever is easiest.

Let me know if there are others you have seen on facebook that you would like uploaded.

Max Arrives 027Max Arrives 041Max Arrives 048Max Arrives 086Max Arrives 089Max day 2 012Max day 2 016Max day 2 026Max day 2 028Max day 2 035

4 year pictures 0364 year pictures 0544 year pictures 0664 year pictures 0924 year pictures 1054 year pictures 1194 year pictures 153

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Hiking at Shanty Hollow with Mikayla

May 18th, 2011 No comments

The day started out cold and dreary – unseasonably so for mid-May in Kentucky.  It would have been easy to stay inside and waste the day watching TV and surfing the internet.  But, Mikayla and I had plans and we weren’t going to let the weather affect us.  We decided to go hiking at a small lake in northern Warren County called Shanty Hollow (a popular climbing spot for locals).

hiking 033

Ran into a guy I went to college with and he snapped a few pictures for us.

hiking 035 hiking 042

Our destination was the waterfall.  Mikayla enjoyed it, but had much more fun just throwing rocks in the water.

hiking 054

Many people know about the waterfall, but don’t take the time to follow the creek down where it cuts through the rock and makes a very cool ravine.

hiking 057 hiking 059-2 hiking 061-2

We then hiked out along the creek bed, stopping every 100 feet or so for Mikayla to throw more rocks into the water.  Although it was a bit cool and a bit wet, it ended up being a great morning to be out.  Here is a video of Mikayla throwing rocks!

hiking 070

Here is Mikayla’s tough girl look.  She picked some honey-suckles and then wanted to walk the last quarter mile on her own (up until then she had mostly ridden on my  back).

hiking 072 hiking 076

Our last stop was the lake shore… where of course she entertained herself by throwing more rocks.  She also found a hawk feather laying on the trail.

Overall it was a great morning that served as a simple reminder of the joys of getting off your butt and into nature.  I figure we had better enjoy the cold, wet weather, because the next several years won’t have much of it!

Swaziland Pictures, Audio and Video

March 19th, 2011 No comments

I was able to put up a couple blog posts during my quick trip to Swaziland, but because of the lack of reliable internet, I couldn’t upload any media files.  But rather than going back and "spicing up" the previous posts, I figured I would just throw everything into this new post.  So here you go for your multi-sensory enjoyment:

Let’s start with some pictures.  Most of these are pretty low quality because they were taken on either my cell phone or the video camera.

Swaziland Part 2 010

Airplane I flew in on

Swazi Prep and Part 1 006

Dome of the church from the backside of the mission

Swazi Prep and Part 1 005

(blurry) Swazi Sunrise


Posing with Janet, a pharmacy volunteer from Eastern Kentucky and one of the youth from the child care program


Two youth from the child care program.  The dresses they are wearing were made by a church in Auburn Kentucky.


Several kids who live on the mission.


Mural on the side of one of the child care buildings painted a few months ago by Write on Africa.


A look at the agricultural fields on the mission.


A view of "Execution Rock" from a cafe in Mantenga


A little piece of Kentucky in the Ezulwini Valley.


I could think of a more appealing name for hair product.


A rare rain storm begins to roll in.  Even though it was the "wet" season, it hadn’t rained in over a month before this.


While the rain made things green… it also made things pretty muddy.

Swaziland Part 2 003

A look at the village center several hours after the rain.  It actually dries out really quick.

Swaziland Part 2 002

This is where the priest on the mission lives.  You can see the residual mud from rain storm.


We actually had a second storm come through a few hours later, which I happened to get stuck in. 
However, it was worth it to be able to see this rainbow over the mission.


Thanks to I was able to score the best seat in economy – extra leg room because of an access panel.

One of the cool experiences I had this week was attending mass at St. Philips church.  It was all in siSwati, and despite a crowd of only about 100 people, the building resonated with the sound of the singing.  Here is a brief audio clip I recorded:

siSwati Singing


You can download the audio only here.

Now let’s get to the videos.  Here is some wildlife I fould on my porch.  Just so you know this is a small one – I just happened to have my camera handy.  Some of these on the mission are twice as large.


Giant African Land Snail living outside our house


Speaking of our porch, one of the great things about taking this trip was I had the opportunity to stay in the duplex where we will be living in July.  Here is a video of the house to give you a feel for what our living arrangement will be like:

Home in Swaziland


Finally, I wanted to end with a short panoramic video from the center of the mission.  You can’t see many of the important buildings (such as the clinic, high school, hostel, offices, etc.) but you do get a feel for the place.

Quick look around St. Philips

Mikayla’s first year in pictures

April 28th, 2010 1 comment

week 39 005

Mikayla 010


Mikayla Month of May 028

grad june 052

2009-07-04 Kickert and Simmons visit 042

2009-07-22 Pouty Face 032

2009-07-30 Late June 095

2009-08 August 014

2009-08-23 August 092

2009-09-03 Jackson's Orchard 032

2009-10-06 Camry 009

2009-October and November 177 


2009-12-05 Thanksgiving, tree, bacon 004

2009-12-09 Christmas pictures 030

2009-12-25 Christmas 172

2010-January 024

2010-January 084

2010-January-100th day 073 

2010-February 018

2010-02-26 Olympics, February random 104

2010-03-16 Tally 057

2010-03-25 Bike, food, walker 033

2010-03-30 Spring has sprung 017

April 1 2010 - Cicis and dress 028

2010-04-08 Visits (BG and E-Town) 022

2010-04-10 Mammoth Cave 056

1 year 012

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New Passport

February 18th, 2010 No comments

In preparation for our move to Swaziland, Beth and I have had to get new passports.  My ragged blue book (which survived the washing machine while in Germany) has now been retired.  Gone are my stamps from Frankfurt A.M. and San Jose Costa Rica.

Here is a look at old and new:

2010-02-18 Valentines Day 016

No passport photos are ever good.  I think I traded a "really bad" for a "moderately bad" one:

passport photos

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A Decade Gone By

January 6th, 2010 3 comments

Yesterday I posted a recap of 2009 in pictures. But, as my friend Jason pointed out, it was not just the end of a year, but the end of a decade.  Here are 10 pictures, one from each year, to reflect on the first 10 years of the millennium.

[2000 – Senior Pictures]

[2001 – First year fighting fire]

[2002 – Beth visits Idaho]

[2003 – Engagement photo]

[2004 – Wedding Photo]

[2005 – Trip to DC]

[2006 – Posing at Jackson’s Orchard]

[2007 – Playing disc golf]

la prego 004
[2008 – Pregnancy progression pictures]

[2009 – Mikayla’s 1 week pictures]

Shit happens…

August 5th, 2009 4 comments

…sometimes literally.


By the way… Mikayla’s temperature was normal.

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2 month hunt is over (Mikayla’s “Pouty Face”)

July 22nd, 2009 3 comments

For two months Beth and I have been on a hunt.  We are not trying to track down wild game, or looking on ebay for a rare collector’s edition of barbie… no, we have been trying to capture Mikayla’s “pouty face.”  For all intents and purposes Mikayla is a very content baby, but when she does cry she usually gives a warning first… her pouty face.  Even though it is obvious she is about to get upset, it is too precious to not laugh at.  Unfortunately, every time we have tried to capture it on film, she has either cheered up, or progressed into a full cry.  However, tonight was the night… after many attempts we finally captured it in all its glory.  Here are the fruits of our labors:


The face is right, but we forgot the flash -- too dark and grainy.

Again, we are close, but unfortunately I cropped her head.

Again, we are close, but unfortunately I cropped her head.

The lips are right, but the eyes show more terror than poutiness.  (Perhaps that is because I had just almost dropped the camera on her).

The lips are right, but the eyes show more terror than poutiness. (Perhaps that is because I had just almost dropped the camera on her).

Oh so close

Oh so close, but no eye contact.

Ahh... there it is.... captured for posterity.  (of course after this point she had gotten so worked up it took 10 minutes to get her to stop crying.)

Ahh... there it is.... captured for posterity. (of course after this point she had gotten so worked up it took 10 minutes to get her to stop crying.)

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