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Cutting the Grass the Old Fashioned Way

When we first came to Swaziland, I found it odd that Swazis tended to get rid of all the grass in their yards, preferring instead to have "swept dirt."  That didn’t make sense to me since people in the US spend thousands on keeping their yards neat and green.

But, the first time I cut the grass the way most Swazis do (with a machete-like tool called a "slasher") I quickly understood the appeal of dirt.

Here is a video of me giving it my best at Swazi lawn care.


It is a short video because as soon as Beth started filming, I had to take a break!

  1. David
    January 12th, 2012 at 09:44 | #1

    No grass also means no mambas can hide out…can’t believe your doing that in shorts!!!

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