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the newark connection

so today has been interesting to say the least. our final goodbyes went well as did our security check (besides the fact that i was selected for the xray machine and ended up opting out and got the enhanced patdown). then things went downhill.

our initial flight to newark was delayed due to heavy air traffic. we probably could have made it but then we were put into a holding pattern and landed 20 minutes before our connection.  beth grabbed mikayla and a couple bags and made a run for it with our passports and boarding passes while i got the rest of our stuff.  i ended up running through th airport with 3 backpacks and the stroller and car seat.

i was hoping our flight would be delayed but i got a call from beth saying just as she got to the gate the plane was pulling awa and there was no gate staff there. i eventually madeit (after another enhanced patdown) but tere was nothing we could do.

after a half hour on the phone witheveryone saying here was nothing they could do and going through all 3 terminals we found an airline service counter. i waited another half hour to talk to someone and they were able to book another flight the following day at 6pm. however since the delay was not mechanical they refused to comp a hotel room. als they had no idea where my bags wee or where they would go. the only thing i could do was check baggage claims the next morning at both contenital and lufthansa get my bags and then recheck them on united.

we decided to spend the night at the airport so wecould take care of things as early as possible. the best we could do i grab some chips and find a quiet corner to set up camp.

i eventually found another contential desk that told me to come back at 5 to find my luggage but then told me it had been so crazy that they doubted they would talk to an customers till 6.

so now mikayla is sleeping in her carseat and beth is curled up on the floor trying to sleep. i am staying up watching our stuff and writing emails and blog pots on our kindle (hence all the lowercase and typos.)

tomorrow we will try to get it all figured out.  looks like we are heading to frankfurt on unitedthen catching south african air to joburg. we will still make it into frica on thursday but will arrive at 11p instead of 9a. i havent talked to the sisters yt to see if they can still pick us up.

no matter what else happns i am gaurunteed this will be a memorable journey. unfortunately it will be for the wrong reasons. but at the end the day we are in good spirits and mikayla is dealing well. we will keep you all posted as we can.

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