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May 13th, 2008 No comments

So I have been thinking about homosexuality recently. I find in discussions about Christianity and the appropriate response to homosexuality, there are never easy conversations. It is rare to find someone who agonizes over the issue without first pre-judging the various camps. That being said, I must admit I am undecided. First, I have found scripture is not as clear as we would like it to be. Second, there is the human factor – it is impossible to flesh out an understanding of the issue in a vacuum with interacting with the real people and real consequences of your decisions. I find this youtube video helpful in reminding us of the human side:

For now, I can affirm the trajectory of redemptive history that seems to err on the side of inclusion.  What that means, I am not yet sure.

(re)Birth of a Blog

May 11th, 2008 No comments

I have friends that are bloggers.  I don’t consider myself part of their ranks.  I have some friends who use their blogs to connect with friends and family.  I have some friends who use their blogs to encourage debate and critical thinking.  I have some friends who use their blogs to project an image.  I have a whole lot of friends who have blogs, but never update them.  None of those categories have ever suited me.

That being said, occasionally I come across a blog post that really gets me thinking or gives me a glimpse into a person’s true self.  Those are the posts I am drawn to – the ones that are written for no audience other than the author, where an electronic medium is used as a pathway for self reflection.  If I am going to blog, that is why – to reflect on my thoughts and work through my own understandings.

I have entitled this blog “Dynamic yet Consistent.”  That title comes from a paper I wrote a few years ago about approaches to theology.  It is my contention that in our quest to understand theology and even life itself, we must always allow a fluidity in our thinking, but that fluidity should be taking us someplace – refining our thoughts and our understandings.  I think blogs can reflect that.  We can look back on our pondering years later and see how we have changed.  At the same time, blogs allow for the helpful influence of community in this thought process.

That then undergirds this blog: it is merely my thoughts, but they are presented to you so you can help shape me in my thinking.  I have included a quotes page as well as writings page.  The later is for my own vanity while the former is illustrate the thoughts of those who are shaping me.

You will find several posts precceed this introductory post.  Those were written by me on the now defunct Emergent-BG blog.  I found in reading over them that many express deep thoughts and insights that I have not projected anywhere else.  Some are fitting, others are not.  Feel free to ignore them all.