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3 Generations of Chacos

May 10th, 2011 No comments

I got my first pair of Chacos 7 years ago right before my wife and I got married.  A friend’s dog chewed up the cheap pair of Tevas I had and I saw it as a great excuse to invest in some good "hiking sandals."  For most of those 7 years I wore my chacos 200+ days a year.  After about 3 years I had worn the heel almost all the way down and my straps were beginning to fray.  For the next 3 years I kept telling myself I need to get the resoled, but I kept forgetting until Spring rolled around and by that point I couldn’t bear the thought of being without them.  After 6 years they were looking so rough, yet still felt so comfortable; they had molded to my feet and the straps were stuck in the optimal position.  Yet, I knew I had to start looking for a replacement.

I found a new pair of chacos in my size priced half off for a winter sale, so I picked them up  and set them aside for when the inevitable came.  Eventually my lack of self-control got the best of me and I broke them out and started breaking them in.  That was about a year ago.

Then, this past spring while traveling in Africa, I tweeted about wearing my chacos everyday.  Because of that, I was contacted by ChacoUSA.  I told them we would be heading to Africa for 5-10 years and only had limited space, but would love to take an extra pair of sandals.  They graciously sent a gift certificate for Beth and I.  Incredible!

Well today, my new chacos arrived.  In true nerd fashion, I lined up all three generations for a "family portrait:"

Chacos 005

 Black and Blue and New.

Chacos 006

From the worn down "Colorado" soles of my first pair, to the still fresh year-old pair, to the brand new ones.

Chacos 007

Chacos 008

Chacos 009

7 years of wear

When I first took the pictures, I expected there to be a dramatic difference between the old pair and the brand-spanking-new pair… but looking at them, it is pretty obvious they have held up well.  With the Chacos I currently have, I fully expect to get at least another 15 years out of them.  That is a testament to quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Sure chacos are expensive compared to other brands, but this is a case where I am too poor to buy cheap stuff.  These sandals can go the distance (and even if they can’t, you can always get them resoled / restrapped).

Thank you Chacos for making great shoes!  Here’s to you!