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Every Other M&M

February 10th, 2007 No comments

With Valentine’s day fast approach (and a topic Beth and I try to avoid), did you know that 50% of all chocolate is produced using the labor of child slaves? Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing international crimes. What to know more? Check out

Also, here is a story from CNN from today: Jail me, I ate slave-made Ivory Coast chocolate

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Better to walk away?

February 9th, 2007 3 comments

This is more of a personal post than anything I have written yet, but I value this community as a forum and wanted to post my thoughts.

79783535walking_away_2.jpgSo I met with a mentor of mine the other day to discuss a variety of issues. As we were discussing my understanding of faith and the struggles I have worked through, I made the comment that during the one of the lowest times of my spiritual life, I came to a point where I either had to walk away from the faith, or come up with a new understanding of it. It was painful experience and for me, the theology of the emerging church and post-modernity offered the new lens that I needed. Rather than “finding faith” I found my beliefs shifted so that I could “keep my faith.”

Her response was, “Sometimes it is better to walk away.”

I understand her perspective – those leading the church should be firmly rooted and it is better to have a false teacher leave the church than to have one lead people away.

The problem comes when that person is you.

That is why I value these friendships so much. Emergent-BG has offered me a place to work through my own doubts and issues (and believe me there are many) without condemnation. At the same time, I hope it has served as an environment where others can explore faith paths even if they don’t prescribe to one.

All that is to say, thank you all for being a community where we each can work journey spiritually together.

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